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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fact: God created the earth as described in Genesis

Posted by Scott Tibbs at 5:30 AM (#)

I believe in a literal, six-day creation as described in the Book of Genesis. I generally do not engage in debates over creationism and evolution, though, as I do not have a lot of interest in the topic. This is one of the times I will make an exception to point out a great resource on the topic for Christians. My friend Mr. Sepetjian has been pounding the theory of volution for months at his excellent blog, Across the Fruited Plain.

Here are his posts on the topic - a must read for believers in Jesus Christ as we live in this pagan world.

♣  What is Evolution?

♣  Deflating the “Truth” & Size of the Big Bang

♣  Radium Polonium Halos: Proof-positive the earth was never a hot molten mass

♣  What is the Big Bang Theory?

♣  Refuting Fossil “Evidence” for Evolution: The Data is NOT in the Strata

♣  Variations Within the Kind

♣  Horse Evolution: Fraud Exposed 60 Years Ago, Still in the Textbooks?

♣  Survival of the Fittest : More Circular Reasoning

♣  Refuting Homologous “Evidence” for Evolution

♣  Grand Canyon: More Myths of Evolution

♣  The Geologic Column: Invented to “Free the science from Moses”

♣  Carbon-14 Dating: An Unlikely Young Earth Apologist?

♣  The Inflation of the Age of the Earth

♣  Pangaea Theory: A Remonstrance

♣  Scientific Predictions By Worldview

♣  Age Limiting Factors: The Sun

♣  Age Limiting Factors: Earth’s Moon

♣  Does Ontogeny Recapitulate Phylogeny?: Refuting Embryological “Evidence” for Evolution

♣  Are Dinosaurs Alive Today As Birds?: Refuting Archaeopteryx as “Evidence” for Evolution

♣  Age Limiting Factors: The Geomagentic Field

♣  Age Limiting Factors: Stars & Supernovas

♣  Smaller Means More Complex, Not Less

♣  Refuting Vestigial Organs as Proof of Evolution

♣  Organisms That Defy Evolution: Brachinus sp., Metrius sp., Stenaptinus sp. (One of my favorites.)

♣  Could Blind Chance Produce a Seeing Eye?

♣  Age Limiting Factors: Niagara Falls

♣  Age Limiting Factors: Spiraling Galaxies

♣  Population Under-Crowding: Silent Witness to a Young Earth

♣  Age Limiting Factors: Red Giants

♣  Chromosomes: An Introduction to the Complexity of DNA

♣  Bacterial Flagellar Rotation: Gripping The Irreducibly Complex

♣  Debunking Deception Through DNA

♣  Age Limiting Factors: Sahara Desert

♣  Chance DNA & Percentage Sequencing

♣  Organisms That Defy Evolution: Pluvialis fulva

♣  Age Limiting Factors: Earth’s Oldest Living Organism

♣  Age Limiting Factors: Erosion Rates

♣  Age Limiting Factors: Moon Dust

♣  On Why Natural Selection Does Not Produce Evolution

♣  The Stretch Factor: Mathematical Proof the Universe was Created in 6 Days

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