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Monday, July 8, 2013

What if Barack Obama actually was born in Kenya?

Posted by Scott Tibbs at 4:30 AM (#)

Right off the bat: I do not believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya. I believe he was born in Hawaii. However, for the sake of argument, let's assume that his birth certificate is a fake and that he was actually born in Kenya. Article II of the U.S. Constitution requires that someone be a natural born citizen in order to be President, but the Constitution does not define who is a natural born citizen. For that, we look to the Naturalization Act of 1795:

The children of citizens of the United States, born out of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, shall be considered as citizens of the United States.

There was some discussion in 2008 over whether John McCain was a natural born citizen, but no on really took that seriously. He was born outside of the U.S. but he was born to American citizens. His eligibility was clear.

So why is it that there has been so much controversy, for five years now, about whether Barack Obama actually is a natural born citizen and is eligible to be President? It is clear that Obama is a natural born citizen, whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya. What is all the fuss about? To some extent, this controversy is of Obama's own making. Had he released his birth certificate in 2007 instead of 2011, much of this controversy could have been avoided.

I do not believe it is realistic that Obama's former employers would not have discovered the issue when he filled out an I-9 form, or that his other interactions with government (including something as simple as getting a driver's license) would not have raised a red flag regarding his citizenship. It was never likely that Obama was hiding something regarding his birth certificate, especially with the amount of documentation required to function in today's society. This is especially true for a high-profile elected official and candidate like Obama.

Folks, Barack Obama is the President. He is an absolutely terrible President who is known to side with our enemies against our freedom, but he is fully eligible to be President, even if he was born in Kenya. Let's put this fight about his birth certificate behind us and concentrate on opposing Obama's dangerous anti-American agenda.


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