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Monday, April 7, 2014

Triple threat from redneck road rage

Posted by Scott Tibbs at 10:00 AM (#)

I am admittedly late getting to the viral video of a woman dealing with a tailgater, but this represents a perfect example of what not to do, and both of these individuals should have their drivers licenses permanently revoked. They were both in the wrong from the beginning.

Obviously, the pickup truck driver should not have been tailgating. The woman should not have been in the passing lane if she is not willing to go with traffic and will not let people around her. If someone wants to pass, you get over and let them pass - you do not block traffic like a jerk. The man passed her on the right, which is illegal, but where it got dangerous is when the woman sped up and cut him off rather than letting him pass. He made an obscene gesture and crashed.

The woman was clearly worse, because she made a dangerously aggressive move and created a traffic hazard. She was as much at fault for causing the accident by spitefully cutting him off as he was by being a jerk. But that is not the worst part of the scenario. What if an innocent person had been in an accident and was seriously injured because these two were in a childish ego-measuring contest? What if a child had been killed because these two were so busy trying to one up each other that they involved an innocent party?

The truck crossed over the center line and could have easily hit an oncoming vehicle head on. An innocent person - perhaps even an entire family - could have been killed because these two were using their vehicles as weapons. The actions of these two were more than irresponsible and more than dangerous - those actions were just plain evil.

Neither of them have any business being allowed to drive on public streets. Both should be aggressively prosecuted for reckless driving and any other applicable crimes to the fullest extent of the law and and both of them should permanently lose their drivers licenses.

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