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Friday, May 22, 2015

Students for Concealed Carry Foundation -- Money Bomb!

Posted by Scott Tibbs at 7:30 AM (#)

I am donating space on the blog today today to promote the SFCCF money bomb.

Today is the money bomb to officially launch Students for Concealed Carry Foundation!

Students for Concealed Carry Foundation will be supporting students who protest being disarmed on campus, providing them with studies to better make their arguments when defending their rights, and take up litigation when necessary.

We also plan to have expansive education programs, from teaching students about their rights, to providing them with training on the actual handling of firearms.

Help us help students around the country as they stand up for their rights to protect themselves.

All donations up to $20,000 will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous donor, so there has never been a better time to make the most of your donation.

Our goal for the day is $6,000. So if 600 people across the nation were to donate just $10 a piece, our goal would be met.

Also, our top 5 largest donors will be contacted to vote on which initiative we will fund first. This is a great way to make your voice heard in the organization you are supporting.

To donate, visit http://sccfund.org/donate/


Students for Concealed Carry Foundation

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At May 23, 2015 at 9:52 AM , Blogger Mike Newton said...  

"Students for Concealed Carry Foundation will be supporting students who protest being disarmed on campus, providing them with studies to better make their arguments when defending their rights, and take up litigation when necessary."

With no opposition to this in theory (I've had a CCW permit for over 20 years, now extended for life under some new state law), I have to wonder where they'll find time amidst parties, fraternity and sorority activities, mindless adulation of sports in all forms, and the minor, incidental matter of academic study their parents are funding at ever-increasing rates, to "study" better ways of arguing why they should all be armed. Will it interrupt coach-worship or anguish over where that next beer is coming from? What's an overworked student to do? Never mind, at least the corporate pimps in charge of the NRA will be pleased, and neo-Nazi Larry Pratt will be ecstatic.

At May 23, 2015 at 11:13 AM , Blogger Scott Tibbs said...  

I think your characterization of students is unfair.

I know a lot of students who are very engaged in civic issues, and dedicated to their academic pursuits, and involved in volunteering for charitable organizations.

There are students who don't care, are only about parties, etc. Most, I would argue, balance recreation and serious pursuits.

And "recreation" needn't involve getting wasted and hooking up.

At May 23, 2015 at 4:21 PM , Blogger MonroeCountyConservative VoteConservative said...  

Thank you for promoting their fundraiser and organization.