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Friday, November 20, 2015

Random thoughts of the day

Posted by Scott Tibbs at 4:00 AM (#)

♣ - I saw a clip of Ronda Rousey's fight on Facebook, and seeing the brutality and bloody aftermath that fight made me VERY uncomfortable with women in mixed martial arts. The kick to the head was one thing, but watching a 28 year old woman get pounded on the ground while she's prone and unable to defend herself was very disturbing.

♣ - Is it time for us to consider Bashir Assad an ally is the fight against the Islamic State? Is Bashir Assad our best bet to eliminate ISIS? Idiots in both parties have enabled ISIS by weakening Assad, and it was only a couple years ago that some were advocating the incredibly stupid policy of arming ISIS so they could fight Assad. The Washington establishment clearly has not thought this though and removing Assad will probably only make things worse - something I could have told you three years ago.

♣ - Clear your calendar now for the 2016 Rally for Life, and see the event on Facebook.

♣ - It is completely absurd to force a teenager to register as a sex offender for having nude pictures of himself or herself. Obviously sexting should be discouraged, but let's not go completely overboard an ruin teenagers' lives! The fact that a "sex offender" would be both perpetrator and victim should be a sign as to how absurd this is.

♣ - One of the most frustrating things about driving on an interstate is when someone passes me and then slows down to slower than I was going when you passed me. If you want to go that speed, why did you not stay back there in the first place? That is just plain rude.

♣ - Here are some sobering numbers: There were 10,202 children murdered by abortion on Monroe County between 2001 and 2013. I doubt the vast majority of people have any idea that an average of fifteen babies are killed every week right here in Monroe County. It is time for the Christians in our community to wake up to the bloodshed and brutality that surrounds us, and stand up and say "no more."

♣ - Here is some free advice for candidates for office in 2016: Never put anything on a yard sign you can't read at 30 to 50 miles per hour. You have one second to deliver your message. Make the most of your signs.

♣ - Government is way too big. Here is the most compelling evidence for that argument.

♣ - When I read this article, I was reminded of the inmate at the Monroe County Jail who died after being shocked by a Taser. Police departments nationwide need to adopt better policies on the use of Tasers.

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