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Monday, January 18, 2016

Sick, depraved, perverted, demonic and evil

Posted by Scott Tibbs at 10:00 AM (#)

It is utterly disgusting and repulsive for someone to mock the pain of those who have suffered miscarriages, but we see this on a regular basis from Leftists who think they are making some sort of "clever" point about abortion rights. It is not clever. Mocking people's pain is sick, depraved, perverted and evil and anyone who engages in this demonic behavior should be condemned by all decent supporters of abortion "rights" and then shamed into silence.

These trolls present their so-called "argument" in the form of a question: "Do you have funerals for miscarriages?" The so-called "point" they are trying to make is that abortion opponents do not really believe that an unborn baby is the same as a baby who has been born, and if we did we would have funerals whenever there is a miscarriage. Setting aside the fact that I personally know people who have had memorial services for their miscarried or stillborn babies, the so-called "question" rests on a flawed premise steeped in arrogance and ignorance.

Different cultures mourn their dead in different ways. Some cultures cremate their dead and some cultures bury their dead. The burial and cremation procedures vary wildly across and even within cultures. We saw with the Ebola epidemic a couple years ago how the fact that west Africa has different burial practices than east Africa contributed to the spread of the disease. In our culture, we generally do not have funerals for miscarriages, although some do. That is not right or wrong - it is simply the way our culture operates.

I would never presume to judge someone because they might mourn their dead in a way I personally would not, and I have no right to do so. I do know that the pain of losing a baby is real and it is heartbreaking, because I have had friends and family who have experienced that pain. How they choose to mourn that loss is their business, and we should support them and help them through their grief and pain.

It is sick depraved, perverted, demonic and evil to condemn as hypocrites those who do not follow the exact same procedure for mourning a miscarried baby as for mourning a two year old. The loss of a child is a deeply personal, matter, and making that grief and that mourning process into a political cudgel so you can make some sort of satanic "argument" demonstrates the person asking the so-called "question" to be a sub-human puddle of slime and filth who is not worthy of anything other than disgust, disdain and scorn. This should not be a political issue and those who make it so should be silenced.

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