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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Yes, birth control can lead to sexual abuse

Posted by Scott Tibbs at 4:00 AM (#)

When the city council voted to give corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood a few weeks ago, one of the most powerful testimonies from the public was a woman who described how she was abused as a teenager and forced to take birth control to prevent pregnancy. When the birth control failed, her abusers forced her to get abortions so they could continue raping her. It was a horrific story - one the Democrats completely disregarded.

In Planned Parenthood's application for a handout, they were very careful to avoid mentioning the age of their patients. But we know that Planned Parenthood gives birth control to teenagers without parental notification or consent - including to girls as young as 13 years old. We know that Planned Parenthood has used taxpayer dollars to give birth control to teenage girls. When teenage girls can get chemical birth control without the knowledge of their parents, they are vulnerable to sexual exploitation and/or sexual abuse.

Planned Parenthood should not be violating parental rights and usurping parental authority by giving birth control to teenage girls without parents' knowledge or consent. It is terribly wicked that government at all levels - even in Republican states - has conspired with Planned Parenthood to violate parents' rights. The fact that this practice has led to documented cases of sexual abuse should be of even greater concern.

Planned Parenthood has already announced that they will be asking for a handout from the Monroe County Council later this summer. The people of Monroe County deserve to know if PP is giving birth control to teenage girls, funded by tax dollars. Shelli Yoder, who is running for Congress, should be aggressive in discovering this and fully disclose it to voters of the Ninth Congressional District. We already have enough secrecy and corruption in the federal government, and we do not need more.

Does Shelli Yoder believe in transparency and open government or not?


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