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Monday, October 3, 2016

"No attack ever fed a hungry child, Mrs. Clinton."

Posted by Scott Tibbs at 4:00 AM (#)

I did not watch the debate last week, so I cannot comment on who "won" between two candidates who are both unqualified to be President. Donald Trump's behavior in the days following, though, is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. It would be an embarrassment to Trump, if he had the capacity to feel shame or the maturity to admit he is wrong. Obviously, he has neither.

When asked about his treatment of a former Miss Universe, Trump fumbled badly. He should have easily made this issue a positive for himself by saying it is a non-issue that does not have anything to do with the problems we face today in these United States. Then Trump could have attacked Hillary Clinton for bringing it up: That she is a fundamentally un-serious candidate who is focusing on celebrity gossip over policy.

Then, Trump could have used Bill Clinton's own words to fight back by saying "Mrs. Clinton, no attack ever fed a hungry child." Trump would have appeared to be the adult in the room while Mrs. Clinton would have appeared small and immature. He could have reversed the narrative about maturity.

Trump did not do that, of course. He was incapable of showing himself to be the adult on that stage because he is a pathetic, thin skinned crybaby. The next day, he attacked an irrelevant beauty queen from 20 years ago. But then it got worse. Trump then ranted about Alicia Machado on Twitter several days later and started blabbing about a "sex tape," which is not only un-presidential but shows how bad his temperament is. Do we really want a President who is so vindictive and spiteful?

I cannot imagine any of the other Republicans who ran for President behaving as Trump did last week. The Republican Party managed to pick by far the least qualified, least knowledgeable candidate of the huge primary field. Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate with terrible public policy and a long history of scandals that show she does not have the integrity to be President. In fact, she has no integrity at all.

But because Republicans foolishly chose Trump, Clinton is favored to win an election she would otherwise lose in a landslide. Congratulations, Trumpites. This election is not over yet, so you have not yet snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. You have employed the Jaws of Life, though.

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