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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Shut your mouth and mind your own business

Posted by Scott Tibbs at 10:00 AM (#)

I saw a stupid meme the other day shaming mothers for looking at their phones when picking up their children from school. After all, it is obvious that no mother would ever have a legitimate reason to be looking at their phone when picking up their child from school. Never mind that children do need to be taught to wait and that they do not automatically get attention first. That is one way you learn manners. Also notice that it is never the dad who is publicly shamed like this. Only the mom. I am really tired of this judgmental nonsense.

We have gotten to the point that some people are literally berated in a public parking lot because they strapped their kids into the car, locked the car, and then had the audacity to walk away to return the cart to the cart corral. This is insane. It is none of your business how people deal with their own kids. They are not in danger, they are not being harmed, so why are you berating a frazzled mother who just finished shopping and is trying to make life a little easier for the baggers making minimum wage? Why don't you worry about your own life and shut your mouth?

This kind of utter stupidity is why far too many 20 year old college students are completely incapable of hearing an opinion they disagree with without melting into a puddle and demanding a "safe space" from scary opinions. These precious little snowflakes are raised in bubble wrap by their worthless parents, and if the parents actually have a little bit of common sense they are ripped to shreds and publicly berated and shamed for something so minor as for returning a cart to the cart corral. If they allow their kids to walk to the park - something those of us in Generation X and older got to do with no interference - pathetic busybodies call the police and/or Child Protective Services.

I'll tell you what. You mind your own business and live your life, and let everyone else live their lives without being publicly berated or shamed on social media because they make perfectly safe and moral choices that you would not personally make. Unless there is a crime or actual abuse happening, shut your mouth.

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