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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Partisan ranting by the tax-funded public library

Posted by Scott Tibbs at 4:00 AM (#)

Note: This is an open letter to the Monroe County library board.

Members of the Library Board,

I was surprised to discover that I am no longer welcome or wanted in the Monroe County Public Library - the same library funded by my property taxes. The library, which is supposed to be an open place for all, is now a den of hyper-partisanship, and that is sad.

I understand that the signs in your hallway attacking President Donald Trump specifically and Republicans generally were posted by Leftist activists who were protesting the Grassroots Conservatives meeting. That is perfectly acceptable. The library should be a place where all views are welcome, and since Grassroots is holding a public meeting in the library it is appropriate to have opposing views. I am personally glad they are concerned enough to show up and protest, with their signs.

What is absolutely not appropriate is for the library to take sides and endorse one or the other. Once the event was over and people had cleared out, the signs should have been taken down to restore the nonpartisan balance of the library. That was not done. By leaving the signs up, the library is officially endorsing these signs. You are telling Republicans that we are not wanted or welcome in the public library, even though you cannot legally keep us out. The Monroe County Council, Monroe County Commissioners, and MCCSC School Board are implicated as well, since they appoint the Library Board.

This is simply wrong. You are the library for the entire community, not just the Democratic Party. You also serve 20,000 people in Monroe County who voted for President Trump and are forced to support you with their tax dollars. You need to apologize to Republicans, conservatives and Trump voters for supporting and endorsing these hyper-partisan, crude attacks on the President of these United States. You have failed in your mission to serve the entire community, and that is shameful.

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