We should be deeply worried about the weaponization of the criminal justice system to silence or punish political enemies.
Republicans give up ground inch by inch, and fail to go on offense to take ground from the Left. This is why we lose and will continue to lose.
"Governor" Newsom uses the power of state government to punish his allies for not being as fanatical as he is.
Leftists, who have called for criminal justice reform, ought to be the most vigorously opposed to the abuse of power to "get" Trump.
Political tribalism has poisoned the well, making reasonable, evidence-based discussion of masks more difficult than it should be.
Throwback Thursday: Shameless race-baiting should disqualify someone from serving in elective office.
Why are we spending $93,090,000 every year on the salaries of people who have intentionally made themselves useless?
Donald Trump's political opponents need to be disciplined in their arguments against him.
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