The "Never Trump" segment of the conservative movement needs to develop some humility rather than attacking the character of their allies and brothers.
Political leaders must recognize that God is in control and that those leaders can do nothing apart from Him.
The problem is that we do not see our political opponents as human beings who disagree with us or even as people who are wrong, but as people who are…
Gaslighting the public is morally abominable.
There are certain things that children should not be exposed to. We used to understand this as a society, but we have lost our common sense somewhere…
Government schools are openly trying to use the courts to sabotage their competition and micromanage their competitors' operations.
Compromise itself matters far less than the results of that compromise. Bumper sticker slogans are poor arguments.
Congress needs to act to criminalize politically motivated de-banking. The Left must not be allowed to weaponize banks against conservatives.
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