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Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Four proposals for reforming county government

The Community Reinvestment Act, revisited

Credit card mess is a reason for change in 2012

Splitting the vote is a sure path to defeat

Joe Biden's shameful lies about Iraq

Off to get a Christmas tree...

The reality of at-large races

Why not exempt everyone from the smoking ban?

Social programs, tax cuts and the deficit

Respecting authority

Making county commissioner meetings accessible to the public

The most offensive 4-letter word in America

Internet secrecy: A license for depravity

Discernment is necessary

Welch should denounce Monroe County Democrats

Internet anonymity: Shooting from the shadows

Obama's anti-logical argument

Sam Brownback is an even bigger crybaby than Rick Santorum

God will judge Penn State "University"

Rules for Blog Comments: A Reminder

Crybaby "feminists" turn feminist movement upside down

No good reason to challenge Dan Burton

Video games are not real, Part 2

Remove Smith-Ille from the Election Board

Thanksgiving 2011

Mr. Newt's personal baggage and 2012

Shameful incompetence thwarts open government

2011 election disaster demonstrates need for reform

Republicans and Democrats in Bloomington

No reason for the condom picture on the front page

Utah Hospitality Association attacks the Constitution

Election night 2011: An unmitigated disaster

A bipartisan election night disaster

The great failures of the faith

More on the Community Reinvestment Act and the housing bubble

Argumentation by anecdote is fundamentally flawed

The GOP establishment on abortion: They just don't get it.

Cute video of the day

Alveda King: abortion is a civil rights issue

Mourdock picks up a major endorsement

Stop lying about Herman Cain's position on abortion!

Fourteen years ago today

No corporate welfare for the merchants of death

Thoughts on the death of Moammar Gadhafi

Herald-Times whines about challenge to Lugar

Lugar the Liar distorts property tax issue

Freedom preserved at University of North Carolina... for now

Dr. Alveda King to speak in Bloomington

Time to eliminate subsidies for pro sports teams

The overuse and abuse of paramilitary SWAT teams

Mormonism is a cult. Mitt Romney is not a Christian.

Operation Chaos revisited: See, I told you so!

Schedule for 2011 Community Service grants

Yet another silly attempt to block Interstate 69

Time to limit the use of SWAT teams

ABC "News" shamelessly lies about Ron Paul

Paul and Kucinich are right: Targeted assassinations are wrong

Upcoming pro-life events

There's no need to use the F word in the newspaper

Needless obstructionism from Green Democrats

The Mist: An utterly wretched movie

CCFL sponsors 2011 Life Chain on Bloomington's east side

Revisiting a shameful low point in American politics

Monroe County Council goes paperless with iPads

Santorum needs to stop whining about his "Google problem"

Newt Gingrich on Social Security

"Don't You Trust Women?"

Netflix takes a step back in customer service

Should violating a TOS agreement be a federal crime?

Rick Perry was wrong on the HPV vaccine

My position is and has always been that tax cuts create jobs

Robbins is right to place all candidates on the ballot

Is Social Security really the third rail?

Rick Perry is right about Social Security!

Was September 11 a warning from God?

Republicans capture Anthony Weiner's seat

Obama's jobs speech an embarassment

Time to shake up the Presidential nomination process?

The war on terror has not bankrupted America!

Monroe County GOP shoots itself in the foot - again!

Rush is wrong: Saving lives is not a distraction

Indiana's 6th Congressional District: Travis Hankins

I hate universe-wide reboots

Space hippies to punish man for blaspheming Gaia?

Cindy Sheehan coming to Bloomington

Hollywood's right wing fantasy world

Graphic images to oppose smoking... and abortion

Marriage is not a contract. It is a covenant.

Facebook tightens privacy settings

Poverty in America vs. income inequality

Pat Buchanan: Why are we baiting the Russian Bear?

Zero pollution? Really?

O'Donnell's walkout suggests she is "not ready for prime time"

The H-T has it wrong on canceling elections

All candidates should always be on the ballot


Unopposed candidates to be removed from ballots?

Trust in parents isn't the issue. Trust in politicians is.

Replace Smith-Ille on Monroe County Election Board

Genocide in America

Monthly Archives partially restored

Big government Republicans and private property rights

Abortion, state sovereignty and the Tenth Amendment

Free speech and the Internet

The problem is spending, not revenue

No, we cannot all just get along!

Kennedy Countdown

The wrong race at the wrong time for Mike Delph

Boards and commissions hiding from the public

Moving to a monthly archive

Reformatting the blog

The crisis in Somalia is not a famine. It is genocide.

Perry Township Board discusses how to use vacated space

The Bible's central role in the Christian faith

When heat advisories become irresponsible

Michelle Bachmann's legislative accomplishments

Animal rights extremists pretend to be "physicians"

Attack on Mike Pence in conflict with the facts

Journalistic integrity at the Herald-Times

Zaltsberg fails to spin away the truth

We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem!

Obama headed for defeat in 2012

The Herald-Times' shocking call for one-party rule

Google Plus overview

Microsoft Office 2010

Princess Diana was murdered!

One party rule in Monroe County?

Bars and taverns ban smoking - voluntarily

Drug testing in Florida

Illegitimacy remains a curse on society

The Herald-Times shows its true colors again

Little sympathy for owners in NBA labor dispute

Molech worship - the god of modern America

Opposition to intervention in Libya is not isolationism

Despicable racist ad has no place in politics

"News" media continues to brazenly lie about video games

Take the politicians off welfare

Security cameras in downtown Bloomington?

Justice, not convictions, must always be the goal.

Peggy Welch is not a terrorist

Bad economy provides the roadmap to defeating Obama

Herald-Times defames opponents of sobriety checkpoints

Planned Parenthood gets corporate welfare again

No corporate welfare for the merchants of death

A political scandal with cultural and spiritual implications

You can't argue Christian doctrine without the Bible!

Joe Donnelly's hyperpartisan double standards

A shameful and despicable personal attack

Barack Obama's pro-abortion extremism

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

Eating meat is normal and natural

Palin Derangement Syndrome, revisited

"I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy"

I write editorials for the Evansville Courier now? Really?

Thoughts on the 2012 Republican field

ObamaCare's individual mandate, revisited

Obama proposes Israel sign a suicide pact

Pure hypocrisy: In order to value diversity, we must discriminate

Pro-life arguments banned by HeraldTimesOnline

Carding for alcohol and common sense

No handouts for Planned Parenthood

Petulant Lugar lashes out, insults fellow Republicans

Indiana "justices" give al Qaeda major victory in War on Terror

Rush Limbaugh is wrong about Mitch Daniels

Andrew Bynum should be thrown out of the NBA

Indiana Dems getting a little ahead of themselves?

Companion animals? Political correctness runs wild

No corporate welfare for the merchants of death

Osama bin Laden is burning in Hell

Monroe County considering a Rain Water Tax

Republicans need to show some backbone

GenderF*** demonstrates the sad state of higher education

Tolerance and censorship don't mix

New game consoles coming - but when?

Donald Trump's war against private property rights

Honor God by obeying the law

Banning sexually degrading terms on HTO

Cancer does not justify drive-by shootings

You cannot win the future by lying about the past

Republicans: Stay in your own primary

Limited government, abortion and same-sex marriage

Turnout down at Tea Party rally, Leftists disrupt anyway

Meddling legislators need to stay out of my life!

Silly Florida pastor provides valuable public service

Opposing abortion in a moral and legal manner

Rachel Maddow "confuses" limited government with anarchism

The childish Tu Quoque fallacies used to defend Obama

There's no reason to panic about binding arbitration

The importance of contested elections

War should always be the last resort

I shop at Wal-Mart. I do not and will not apologize for that.

Effective political yard signs

End the military operation against Libya

A limited federal government - principle, not partisanship

Looking back on the "Bluebird" tree sit, ten years later

Shameless lies used to support .xxx domain

Universal morality requires a Primary Source

The human rights crisis in American prisons

Mike Nifong is a rapist - Five years later

Real vs. virtual killing: An open letter to Joe Lieberman

Defunding Planned Parenthood is a moral imperative.

We need to change our focus on government schools

A critical victory for free speech

Jesus was not a hippie. Jesus was Lord.

The corrupt social services funding process

John Hopkins social services funding schedule

Abolish mandatory donations

Community Development Block Grants to be distributed tonight

With government money comes government strings

An ongoing 'Melo-drama comes to an end

Swimming in the sewer, but unable to smell the feces

Justice, not convictions, must always be the goal

Race baiting in anthem controversy is despicable

Private property rights trump abortion "rights"

The providence and sovereignty of God

Vouchers are an invitation to government meddling

Sheila Jackson Lee: The girl who cried racism

Draw legislative districts for the people, not the politicians

Statewide smoking ban: The nanny state marches on

Planned Parenthood: A thoroughly corrupt criminal enterprise

Limited government and the depravity of man

Barack Obama's missed opportunity on civil rights

Indiana's silly liquor law

"Are you a Christian or a Paulian?"

Political correctness should never trump public safety!

Christian Citizens for Life organizes 2011 Rally for Life

Take the politicians off welfare

Change we can believe in? You can take that to the Banks.

Using Scripture in a "secular" argument

Abortion rhetoric and civility in politics

CitiBank's fraudulent student loan payment website

Thoughts on the State of the State address

Shameful sensationalism from the drive-by media

Stop trying to score political points with the atrocity in Arizona

Following up on my letter to the editor

Barack Obama's grocery store scanner moment

The Herald-Times' quirky religion rules

Scott Wells was not set up.

Reforming local government

Barack Obama's unsustainable deficits

Sexual assault: It's not about patriarchy