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Interesting post, Mr. Tibbs. I do appreciate your writing and your commitment to regular contributions on numerous different subjects. Also your willingness to stand for truth in the public sphere and on the basis of the only Rock for truth. (2 Cor. 10:3-5)

I'd only heard briefly about the attack on Salman Rushdie. No doubt it connects to other things and sadly almost none of them will get much real investigation by the press. The corruption of our society is truly multi-faceted. It marks a good opportunity to point out that because information is so compromised (in the so-called media and elsewhere) it's very easy to draw potentially incorrect conclusions even when seeking to draw meaningful and helpful ones. And even with the necessary commitment to standing on Christian truth and the Scriptures. I'd caution, for instance, against assuming that "retaliation is mandatory." (Rom. 12:19) I'd also caution against assuming that retaliation isn't actually occurring or hasn't occurred already. There are reasons to be concerned about the state of Iran, no doubt, but the complexities likely are more challenging than to speak of a need for thus-and-such action to be taken or not in relation to the attack on Mr. Rushdie. Perhaps this sounds odd. I'm no foreign policy expert but I've definitely learned that most of what is set out to the public as such is some of the worst misinformation that exists. Understanding this is something that will help us all in more effectively standing for truth. I think that the folks who know the real picture on "foreign policy" and are most inclined to act in the best interests of the peaceful well-being of Americans (or even Iranians or anyone else) are often the ones most persecuted by those who commentate on or are, in fact, officially in charge of foreign policy decisions.

Part of what I'm saying is that speaking of this or that event as an act of war is a partial misnomer. In a sense, it's all war all the time right now. That this is still mostly not understood by the public is both a mercy and an indictment that we'll all have to overcome. But our Lord works miracles and we ought to plead with Him for such things. I've no doubt that His people are and always have.

Islamic terror, assassinations, government corruption (both parties and foreign and domestic), weapons of mass destruction and issues surrounding the history and present state of the UN are matters that weave a very evil web. Certainly oppose evil. (Rom.12:9, 21) Don't step away from the foundation. (Psa. 94:18) But bear in mind that most of the official discussion of news is bunk. Also, most of the alternative discussion. :) I guess that means we live in deceptive times. Thankfully, Jesus is "the way, and the truth, and the life." (Jn. 14:6)

Side note, for having a fatwa out for over three decades, Salman Rushdie gets around a lot. The one time I was in New York City, my Dad came back from getting breakfast and said he'd just seen Rushdie at the coffee shop. I tried to tell him that that was a Seinfeld episode (it is) but it turns out he actually had. :) Prayers for Rushdie and for and end to the corruption brought to men through lies.

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