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A frightening preview of ObamaCare's death panels

Perpetual male adolescence and what it means

One of my favorite Christmas songs...

Merry Christmas!

No blog posts this week...

What race is Santa Claus?

Should the NBA eliminate divisions?

Mike Huckabee and the murder of four police officers

MCCSC records request is just plain creepy

The purpose of courts is not to make law!

Shameless race baiting over a harmless cartoon

Homosexual marriage threatens religious freedom

Joe Donnelly should act on his alleged beliefs

Anti-smoking nannies targeting non-smokers

ObamaCare, birth control and our entitlement society

Movie Review - "White House Down"

Leftists cannot handle dissent

Let's not have a national panic about the "knockout game"

This is going to be awesome.

Taxpayer subsidies in nonessential matters

Die Hard 5 mini-review

The "health and wealth gospel" is still a wicked heresy

The "health and wealth gospel" is a wicked heresy

End the corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood

Use financial terrorism to protect women from rape

The "knockout game" does not require more laws!

Counting down to Christmas...

Thanksgiving 2013

Racism, Barack Obama and the boy who cried wolf

A very childish "tribute" to Richard Lugar

Indiana legislature should pass HJR-6

"Offensive" symbols in the HPER building

Discouraging tanking in the NBA

Let the voters decide on marriage amendment

A toothless joke of a death penalty in Ohio

Dark money, campaign finance and full disclosure

Making a federal case out of a local crime

Yet another shameful handout to Planned Parenthood

Perverted filth and anonymity on HeraldTimesOnline, Part II

The absurdity of funding Planned Parenthood

Perverted filth and anonymity on HeraldTimesOnline

Sacrificing the normal to the abnormal

Who pays your salary, Kathleen Sebelius?

Are you being "green" or simply less brown?

Free speech on campus and maintaining order

No corporate welfare for the merchants of death

Important meeting tonight

Nanny Bloomberg strikes again

Freedom of association is not obnoxious

"Printing" to PDF instead of scanning paper

Conservatism as a one-legged stool?

Political caucuses are operating as intended

Happy Howl-oween!!

Rape culture, victim blaming and the need for real men

"Working together" is a childish solution to gridlock

Hitting a milestone

Stop obsessing about party unity!

"This is my town hall meeting and I set the rules"

Sounding the alarm over Facebook privacy... Yawn

Government e-mails and public records

Barack Obama, civility, and the government shutdown

Cannon fodder bad guys and lazy writing

Equal rights or special rights?

Post this as a status on your Facebook wall

Beware what we love in our hearts

Whether you like it or not, money is speech.

Defunding ObamaCare and tilting at windmills

Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence

Social Services funding schedule for 2013

Random thoughts of the day

Government e-mails and open government, revisited

Flashback: Monroe County Council funds Planned Parenthood

14 ways to improve HeraldTimesOnline

Mob attack follow-up

E-mail forwarding, open records and local government

Barack Obama, do you have no shame?

The frightening overuse of paramilitary SWAT teams

"Facebook promotes vulgar hate..."

Unbelievable audacity

Hello there, DU

Self-defense is a God-given human right

Thoughts on the New 52 and Green Arrow

Should all sermons be John 3:16?

Terry Jones, the War on Terror and the First Amendment

Planned Parenthood indoctrination starts early

A quick thought on immigration

Random thoughts of the day

A few thoughts on recent comments by Rachel Maddow

Affirmative action for homosexuals?

Shameful hyper-partisanship by Greene County Republicans

Movie Review: "The Call" (with spoilers)

Refuting the hysteria over the AR-15

How's that hope & change workin' out for ya?

More thoughts on Obama's march to war with Syria

No, you don't have a divine right to elective office!

Zacchaeus, the rich young ruler, and Christians in America

Libertarians, primaries, winning elections and real change

Just say "no" to war with Syria

Government gets it right while churches get it wrong...

Acts chapter 3 verses 1-8

Throw the jackal in jail

Sexting, social media, and common sense

Cute picture of the day

Hysteria over texting and driving

The foolish march to war in Syria

A question for the President

A shockingly racist "tribute" to Martin Luther King

Millennials, their parents and learning to be self sufficient

Two random thoughts

1, 2, 3, 4, we don't need another war

We need to stay out of Syria!

Michelle Malkin: "We need gang control, not gun control."

Revisiting the switchblade ban's repeal

Was an innocent man sent to prison by lies?

Looking in the mirror at our own sin

Explaining my position or wasting my time?

Banning abortion at 20 weeks - The real issue

Chemical weapons in Syria?

Twenty years in Bloomington...

Of course newsworthy stories should be covered...

A terribly wicked letter and a mirror into our own hearts

Pointing fingers does not solve problems!

Planned Parenthood and killing babies born alive

The Bob Filner scandal is a Democratic Party scandal

Theological reality check

Zoeller is right to seek clarity on prayer

A wicked king and his righteous servant, Part II

The case for evening meetings

The terrorist watch list and buying guns

Reversing the ban on switchblades in Indiana

A horrific school bus beating and racial politics

My bovine feces alarm is broken

Suicide by train and extreme selfishness

Invasion of privacy isn't the answer to teen pregnancy

CCFL booth at the 2013 Monroe County Fair

Mercy cannot exist without wrath

Young’s bill restores the balance of power in Washington

Response to condemnation of murder - "That's not very loving"

A random observation

812 Area Code gets an overlay

NSA snooping and the shadow of 9/11

Criminal defense attorneys are critical for due process

Mitch Daniels, Howard Zinn and "censorship" in education

The legislature should tighten the Open Door Law

Will the next Fed chair have the correct genitalia?

Weiner sexting scandal II - character matters!

Allow the states to handle education policy

The U.S. Senate, the filibuster, and cabinet nominees

An utterly absurd view of the Zimmerman trial

Can we use a little common sense, please?

Indianapolis "pastor" smears the name of Jesus Christ

Obama's selective concern about dead teenagers

He was not an innocent victim.

Force-feeding of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay

A shocking crime in Frankfort

Impeachment of Obama may be necessary...

Using government as a Mafia thug

Zimmerman's acquittal is a win for America's justice system

Censorship by mob rule on

Thoughts on the relaunched

The reason we have civil liberties and due process...

The "old west" fireworks laws in Indiana need reform

Arrested for buying water - with overwhelming force.

What if Barack Obama actually was born in Kenya?

Thoughts on the ObamaCare birth control mandate

A murdered baby every 95 seconds...

Read this Psalm and do not be discouraged

DOMA, free association and religious liberty

Mike Pence and deleted Facebook comments - who cares?

Thoughts on the pending relaunch of

Punishing the innocent for the crimes of the guilty

I do not do business with liars!

XBox One, DRM, and the future of consoles

Understanding why we need due process...

"But now are they many members, yet but one body..."

A food and beverage tax in Monroe County?

Movie Review: "Man of Steel"

Speaking against Planned Parenthood funding

Elbert Guillory: "Why I Am a Republican"

The City Council's shameful subsidy of Planned Parenthood

The frightening implications of Plan B for children

Phone records, PRISM, leaks and national security

NBC needs to grow up, be adults and admit their lies.

Disingenuous and self-serving

Barack Obama is the President!

Planned Parenthood's Plan B perversion

Two observations about Star Trek 2

Our rights should not be decided by polls

Outdated MCCSC School Board districts should change

Teach your son to be a gentleman...

To win elections, Republicans need to… (fill in the blank)

MCCSC school board districts need to change

Oh, for crying out loud.

Two quick thoughts about Microsoft Office 2013

Who is the tattletale at the Herald-Times?

Can we all grow a thicker skin please?

"This war, like all wars, must end."

You are entitled to your opinion...

Kaitlyn Hunt and equal enforcement of the law

Bible verse of the day

Let's call a spade a spade.

Planned Parenthood should not get corporate welfare

Observations on Yahoo buying Tumblr

Reality check on the GOP of 1996

County government throws $22,000 down the drain

Cancer prevention and celebrity worship

Memorial Day 2013

Does Barack Obama realize he is the President?

Disclosing money in politics is good for democracy

Of course Rush Limbaugh is still relevant.

Homelessness is not the new civil rights struggle

Planned Parenthood presents their request for a handout

Back to classic template...

Barack Obama is not an American!

Thunderstorms are scary!!

Planned Parenthood's tiresome demands for welfare

Obama’s obvious hypocrisy on AP phone records

Thoughts on the new Google Plus comment system

Final Fantasy V for iOS - First Impressions

Activism for a cause or activism for fun?

This man is my hero

Children are a blessing...

Most adorable baby ever:

The simple dog's adventure

It's open line Friday!

Trusting in God

This is why we can't have nice things

No corporate welfare for the merchants of death

Authoritarian Leftists and censorship of abortion opponents

Google Plus comments

Russia and Chechnya

We need to stay out of Syria

Fundamentalism is not the problem

Junk science and moral responsibility

Cute picture of the day

Rape culture and the sexual revolution

Fully developed human brains

An important article to read for fathers

Interactive content providers and rape victims

Disgusting, perverted and reprehensible

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's civil liberties must be protected

Movie Review: Red Dawn remake

Due Process

Immoral libertarianism and the "morning-after pill"

Twenty years ago today: Never forget Waco!

Planned Parenthood's unsurprising defense of infanticide

The world is not black and white!

Government must respect civil liberties

Melissa Harris-Perry: "All your kid are belong to us"

The Boston Marathon

Anti-abortion rhetoric: Truthful, "inflammatory" or both?

George Will on the "Central Park Five"

An important point regarding Scripture

"Plan B" ruling enables sexual abuse of teens

R.C. Sproul Jr. preaches against abortion in Bloomington

Dancing on Thatcher's grave

South Carolina Republicans should reject Mark Sanford

King David and Bathsheba

"Shot 12 times, nine times in the back"

Young earth creationism and Christian faith

Does the "Morning After Pill" cause early abortions?

Sexual abuse and the morning after pill

CNCF presents - "Abortion: America's Holocaust"

Random thoughts of the day

A constitutional republic or a judicial oligarchy?

Swallowing a watermelon whole and choking on a raisin

The Supreme Court considers homosexual marriage

A cultural shift on homosexual marriage


Reality check on background checks

The militarization of police and overuse of SWAT

"Modernizing" the Roman Catholic Church

The shocking Steubenville rape case

Abortion: America's Holocaust

Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen and it can't get up!

Campaign finance reform, revisited

Testicular cancer's warning signs

Shut up about the mythical "War on Christmas" already!

A necessary change to county government policy

The hysteria over imaginary "guns"

Charles Krauthammer is wrong

Friday morning links

Sobriety checkpoints and the Fourth Amendment

Limiting the student vote in Indiana

The Clinton Shuffle

Political Reality 101 - money is speech

2013 Jack Hopkins social services funding schedule

Al-Qaeda operatives in law enforcement

Taking another look at immigration reform

School of Journalism merger, explained

Statistics for setting screens?

Celibacy, the priesthood and the authority of Scripture

A split within the Monroe County GOP?

Blaming the victim and anonymous LTTE

The botched raid in Waco - 20 years ago today

Drug tests for people on welfare?

Twenty years ago today

Filibusters, precedents and Chuck Hagel

A very special message for PETA

Government jobs

A yearly maximum on pseudoephedrine purchases?

Lifting the Sunday alcohol sales ban

Encouraging incompetence and corruption in county government

Banning anti-abortion arguments on HeraldTimesOnline?

Another tragic death caused by overuse of SWAT

Movie Review: Death Wish

Frivolous lawsuits against Kroger

Obama, drone strikes and extrajudicial assassinations

Mayor Doomberg's attack on parents' rights

Movie Review: Judge Dredd (2012)

Blaming the victim of sexual assault

Completely random observation

Women in combat, revisited

Dani the deer and state government overreach

Metered parking in downtown Bloomington

America's most obnoxious nanny state ninny

Will Obama's defenders admit they were wrong?

Obama's barbaric decision on women in combat

A nation of deadbeats, Mr. President?

A pastoral word on killing the unborn

It makes a big difference, Mrs. Clinton.

Thoughts on women in combat

Militant homosexuals continue their war on science

15 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit

Christians witness against abortion in Bloomington

Movie Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D

A tax on "violent" video games?

40 years of slaughter - an anniversary of shame

Lots of words to say absolutely nothing

Barack Obama oppresses black people

Nanny state ninnies at it again

The Second Amendment - It's not about hunting

Lance Armstrong admits doping

Abortions in Monroe County, 2001-2011

Justice for one baby - but no justice for 5,676.

Leonard fails again to do basic journalism

Extrajudicial assassinations of American citizens

There are no tax cuts in the fiscal cliff deal!

A wicked king and his righteous servant

Don't water down the March for Life

Come to the 2013 Rally for Life

The technology of "Prometheus"

Vladimir Putin sacrifices children to score political points

Barack Obama is to blame for his own policies. Period.

Monroe County Council gives money to Planned Parenthood under cover of darkness