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Ant-Man is by far the weakest of the Marvel movies

A two week "ban" for all commenters on HTO

Merry Christmas from Nano!

The dangers of alcoholism - and teetotalism

Do not begrudge people who have things you do not

Is playing video games inherently bad?

Election Board

Carpet bombing?

The Jedi, the Rebel Alliance and Muslim terrorists - #StarWars

Demanding censorship proves Wanzer unfit for office

Don't blame Facebook

Wisdom and discernment are not enemies of forgiveness

Abortion rhetoric and a deranged shooter in Colorado

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Quick thought on the terrorist watch list

2015 Clearnote Church Christmas Spectacular!

"We need popcorn."

Republicans betray voters with pseudoephedrine prescriptions

Flagrant and obvious lies from the Herald-Times

"A better way"

Chemical birth control, acting as an abortifacient

Please approve Seven Oaks as a charter school.

Depraved rape fantasies about Jared Fogle

If you want me to shut up about abortion, prove me wrong.

Shameful lies about Seven Oaks Classical School

Fact: Chemical birth control can act as an abortifacient.

The so-called "War on Christmas"

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Thanksgiving 2015

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Sunday November 22, 2015

Random thoughts of the day

Thursday November 19, 2015

Will political correctness destroy America?

A lesson on political correctness

The Herald-Times and factually correct lies

No, I was not a single-issue candidate

Thursday November 12, 2015

Thoughts on the 2015 Bloomington city elections

Taser investigation

A realistic look at my electoral history

Houston's bathroom ordinance

Thanking my supporters, and moving forward

The cost of making government meetings transparent

All taxation is forced confiscation of wealth

2015 Election Results

Bloomington's next mayor must commit to full transparency

Meeting times are an obstacle to transparency

The west side needs more attention

Happy Reformation Day!

Just say "no" to the broadband boondoggle

Indiana does not need a hate crime law

The old man is getting older...

Donald Trump is wrong on immigration and September 11

End the culture war against Christians in Bloomington

Candidates on demand - Scott Tibbs for Bloomington City Council

Vote Libertarian in District 1!

The City Council's shameful endorsement of Planned Parenthood

The city council's Planned Parenthood resolution

The city council should not wage a culture war

Tuesday October 20, 2015

Students need to vote in city elections!

Philippians 4:8

More thoughts on Bloomington's imperialistic ambitions

City government should not charge voters for parking

City government's imperialistic historic preservation efforts

Remember Kelo

Becoming the Idiocracy

Hillary Clinton and gun control

Judges 4:17-23

Since when is correct word use a theological issue?

Same-sex "marriage"

Republican hypocrites for Donald Trump

O.J. Simpson gets away with murder -- ten years later

RFRA as the standard for religious liberty

Sunday October 04, 2015

Mentally ill inmates

Apple's ad-blocking and obnoxious ads

Life Chain!

Comp time, overtime and the MCSWMD


Peter Shumlin's editorial is typical hysteria

Background music

That digital clock is not a black-or-white issue

Religious tests

When does religion trump the law?

Republicans must not nominate Donald Trump!

West Third speed bumps representative of poor planning

Oxycontin for children?

The Roman Catholic Church and forgiveness for abortion

MCCSC did not need to update the anti-bullying policy.

Reflections on 9/11 "truth"

Let's chill out on the "War on Cops" rhetoric

MCCSC anti-bullying policy

Custom Hardware

The dangers of binge drinking and alcoholism

Considering government's impact on local business

Follow up: Dealing with sinners in church

In defense of the professional politician

Dealing with sinners in church...

The real Donald Trump

Happy Labor Day!


Quick thought on Kim Davis

Saturday September 05, 2015

The City Council was right to support needle exchange

Donald Trump is a pathetic crybaby, wimp and coward

Weary of the culture wars?

Reaching a physical fitness goal...

The county council's underhanded, scandalous behavior

Syringe Exchange

Time Stamp

Josh Duggar, Ashley Madison and the need for godly authority

Plastic bags, abortion and same-sex "marriage"

Earth worship and the "animal rights" movement

Hypersensitive shrieking hysteria


Police militarization in Bloomington, Indiana?

A question for Shelli Yoder

Celebrity worship

Plastic bags: Persuasion is better than force

Do we need an atheist President?

Worship the Creator, not the creation

Good riddance

Conservatives need to stop this stupid celebrity worship!

Capital Punishment

Politicians have always been accountable for their supporters

Big raise for county commissioners?

Tibbs calls for more transparency on civil asset forfeiture

Euphemisms for killing babies

Walsh on the first GOP debate

Matthew 6:2-4

The major parties exist purely to gain political power

Thursday August 06, 2015

Sexually degrading slurs in the Herald-Times

"An official write-in candidate..."

Perspective is desperately needed on Cecil the lion

Campaign picture

Judges 3:16-22

Donald Trump is not qualified to be President

The Accidental Garden

Sandra Bland presents a teachable moment

It is long past time to de-fund Planned Parenthood

Sadly, not a surprise.

A plea for unity

The Ferguson Effect

A quick common sense reminder

Third Party?

Planned Parenthood's body parts selling racket

Basic principles on planning, zoning and land use

Was "Sweet Cakes By Melissa" really gagged by a judge?

A shyster and a fraud of the highest order

Young men must be mindful of cancer

Disqus comments are back.

The social media outrage machine

Proverbs 16:12-15

Another nakedly partisan attack on Republicans

Donald Trump on the Second Amendment

Killing a spider with a twenty pound sledgehammer

Two Observations

Why is Donald Trump so popular?

Banning trans fats

Mandatory paid sick leave?

Looking back on corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

Thursday July 09, 2015

Traffic flow, traffic safety and West Third

The "old west" fireworks laws in Indiana need reform

Same-sex marriage, the 14th Amendment and Christian hypocrisy

Psalm 2

Ironic picture undermines flag desecration amendment

The judicial branch is not the legislative branch

Social media accounts up and running

False fire alarms at Indiana University

Why did the Charleston shooting happen?

A more nefarious motive

"Massacres and Magical Thinking"

Supreme Court on same sex marriage

A basic principle of open government

The horrific "Kelo" decision, ten years later

I am running for Bloomington City Council

Chill out, dude.

Opposing corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

My campaign website is up.

Google problems?

Is the city council enabling sexual predators?

Father's Day

A good point on the "hard cases"

I will never vote for Donald Trump!

Luke 12:16-21

Let's be realistic about repealing ObamaCare

1 Samuel 14:1-16

2015 Hopkins funding package

"Excited delirium"

Paying protection money to the Mafia

A very tough free speech case

Is free speech doomed?

Who is to blame for the McKinney mess?

Why everyone should move to the right

Lauren Spierer, due process, and journalistic integrity

Three years behind bars, without due process

Faith-based charities: See? I told you so!

The myth of overpopulation

"The unjust law that led to Freddie Gray's death"

Exposing your employer to a libel lawsuit is a bad idea

Dennis Hastert, structuring, and government overrreach

The bloody reality of abortion

The Herald-Times fails miserably on the "Straight Pride Club"

Donald Trump in 2016?

Taking the long term view on a policy agenda

If we knew then what we know now...

Latest insanity from the Left: Abolish the family

Obama sacrifices safety to Political Correctness

Three unrelated issues

Memorial Day 2015

Proverbs 10:9

Students for Concealed Carry Foundation -- Money Bomb!

One of life's mysteries

Pay close attention, Rachel Maddow!

End the corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood

A quick common sense reminder

Why is it important to oppose funding of Planned Parenthood?

Human rights update

Have we as a society gone completely insane?

Another sexist comment from the right?

Perception is reality, so education is critical

Not messing around

Silence is not approval. Silence is silence.

Here is an amusing diversion

Is the tactic really distasteful?

Bloomington City Council, District 3

Should Christians use Facebook?

The most offensive four-letter word in our culture

Crossover voting

Saturday May 02, 2015

Public life, private life and troll questions

A significant improvement

The continuing farce of funding Planned Parenthood

Rumors and gossip

Evangelizing for Evolution

Hippies crying over dead trees

They're asking for it.

Christian weakness, capitulation and surrender on divorce

Peace through violence?

Seven years in prison is too extreme

Is the end near for Google Plus?

"The message of Jesus the Nazarene"

April 19, 1995

Two random thoughts

Following up: The danger of flash-bang grenades

False accusations of "rape" are real

The reality of campus rape

A completely random thought

Dialing back our military aggression

Random thought

Flash-bang grenades can (and do) kill and maim

"The costs of calling someone a rapist"

With government money comes government strings

A scary question


Discrimination is neither good or bad

More thoughts on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Following up on RFRA

What she can and cannot do

Durable and reliable

More laws always mean more force

Reality check on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The truth about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Three quick notes

Does administrative experience matter?

Blab it and grab it

A quick note

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

No, Bloomington cannot decriminalize marijuana


Free speech in the U.S. Senate

Another outrage from the ABC

A bigger question and a more serious problem

Pit Bulls

18 years ago today...

Using private e-mail for Monroe County government business

Historical Fact

The Republican state legislature's giveaway to doctors

Mindless savages

Justice denied by technicalities

When innocence is not enough to get you out of prison

Pi day

Todd Akin for U.S. Senate again? Not a good idea.

What are the rules on HTO?

Two random thoughts

More transparency needed on civil asset forfeiture

15,108 days and counting...

James 4:13-15

Has Christian doctrine been banned from HTO comments?

Encouraging developments on criminal justice reform

Automobile confiscation is bad policy

College crybabies need to grow up or go home

Bite mark matching is a hoax

Making private disputes a federal crime is a silly overreaction

Harsh Reality vs. Rule of Law

A conversation with Bashir Assad

Human rights in prison

Answer the question, Governor Walker!

Hebrews 12:5-8

A bigger issue than net neutrality

Evolution and Republican politics

A shocking and revolutionary idea for Facebook

In defense of exclusive primaries

Just say "no" to mandatory HPV vaccinations!

Pavilion Properties' unprofessional, childish and offensive ads

Like it or not, Marie Harf has a point

Punishing the innocent for the crimes of the guilty

The fraudulent bite mark matching hoax

Following up - "traditional" values vs. Christian values

We need to stop talking about "traditional values"

Don Imus, free speech and hypocrisy

Arnold and Jesse Friedman are innocent!

The Crusades and ISIS

Literalism and the application of it

A contradiction that cannot stand

Uncivil attacks on Andy Ruff and Dave Rollo

An excellent issue

Questions about civil asset forfeiture

Thursday February 12, 2015

General truths are generally true

More bacon...

Why do I blog?

Immediate and enthusiastic obedience


The measles vaccine should be mandatory - no exceptions

Putting NBA teams in Europe is a stupid idea

Anonymous comments on HeraldTimesOnline, revisited

The truth about Chris Christie and vaccines

Sarah Palin's sad descent into irrelevance

Does the government really need to regulate baby names?

Why was the Rally for Life not covered?

This is the face of the War on Drugs

"You betcha I was wrong about Sarah Palin"

Judicial activism and the rule of law

Not yielding to emergency vehicles is arrogant and heartless

Mike Pence is not Vladimir Putin. Stop freaking out.

Men failing to be men

The Indianapolis Star's online subscription service

Nanny state ninnies in the GOP

Murder is already punishable by death!

Thoughts on protest tactics and coverage

Forty two years ago today

We must constantly be on guard against censorship

Coverage vs. non-coverage

Answering some objections to my anti-abortion posts

Obama needs to stay out of this


Three years ago today

The local news focus of the local newspaper

To honor MLK Jr., let's protect unborn black lives

Enough with the Sandy Hook conspiracies!

Words matter!

Following up on my #BlackLivesMatter LTTE

I Corinthians 15:19-26

Dealing with the root cause of rape culture

Seeking justice over convictions in child death cases

Facebook privacy notice

Religious liberty and "transgender" teens

A quick observation on Sunday alcohol sales

Unborn black lives matter, so abortion must end

Saturday January 03, 2015

CIA torture is the fruit of a poisonous tree