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Mike Pence 2012: Governor or President?

Our civil liberties are being shredded: Does no one care?

It's not a free speech issue, Rush

More on the Community Reinvestment Act

What I choose to take for my cold is none of your business!

Genetic testing and abortion

Race in video games: Are game makers socially responsible on racial issues?

It is put up or shut up time for the H-T

The liar should be named and shamed

Baron Hill is still a hypocrite

Now is not the time to increase taxes

From 2008 to 2010 - was Obama-mania ever real?

More shameful corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood

Airport security screenings

"Do something" should not be the default

Every state should have a "sore loser" law

Nanny state ninnies seek to ban alcoholic energy drinks

Trading liberty for security is dangerous

Saw VII - the "final chapter" with a cliffhanger ending

On a jihad for Molech

Pro-abortion terrorist tries to censor GAP

We need to get serious about balancing the budget

Failure? What failure? How could 2010 be a failure?

Election 2010: "I hope he fails" comes true!

Take your "party unity" and shove it!

Speaking against a resolution endorsing a ballot question

Christine O'Donnell and the First Amendment - she was right!

Red China forces woman to abort at 8 months

The Community Reinvestment Act, revisited

Bloomington debate: Baron Hill's hypocrisy on display

Monroe County Council funds felonies with tax dollars

Respect for authority is essential, even for pro athletes

Extrajudicial assasinations of U.S. citizens: simply wrong

Should there be exceptions to the right to life?

Free speech: No exceptions and no compromise

2010 Life Chain draws 120 - 150 to protest abortion

Reforming education through discipline

Gun Owners of America releases Congressional ratings for 2010

How is Biblical sexual morality radical?

We're talking about tax increases, not tax cuts

"Babs" Boxer does not deserve the respect she demands

No corporate welfare for the merchants of death

O'Donnell dabbled in witchcraft? Whoop de diddly do.

"Look at the petulant attitude"

Is the Monroe County GOP trying to lose in 2010?

Bloomington Township taxpayers subsidizing fire protection for other townships

Why does Pat Buchanan hate America?

Liberal "christianity" and the gospel of hate

Book Review: Man vs. Lust

Go home and grow up, then come back.

"International burn a Koran day"

The Party of Dope

Les Compton should be removed as Monroe GOP chairman

Robert Gates and his inappropriate political remarks

True shepherds don't ignore diseased sheep

Approve the satellite voting sites

Sobriety checkpoints should be illegal

The First Amendment and Leftist politics

Do we need shameless liars like Baron Hill in Congress?

Is Barack Obama a Christian?

Peter Anthony Cantu to burn in Hell for all eternity

McCain, not Palin, was the failed candidate in 2008

There is no need for obscenities in the newspaper

Literalism and the text of Scripture

Lugar votes for Kagan, and I will vote against him in 2012

Revisit the "War on Drugs"

Dominique Ntawukulilyayo needs to die

Seek justice, not convictions (Part III)

A completely unnecessary pedestrian island

Alcohol, underage drinking and Big Brother

The Internet, discipline and the educational environment

Lessons from the Shirley Sherrod case

Kevin Suddeth's eligibility to be a candidate

News media flagrantly lies about video games - again

Thinking about 1 Timothy 6:10

France moves toward banning veils

The criminalization of dissent

Democrats and the arrogance of power

Throwing the party under the bus

LeBron James goes to Miami

What has Brad Ellsworth been doing for the last four years?

Why Elena Kagan is not qualified to be on the Supreme Court

Universalism: The Ultimate Blasphemy

Congressman Jim McDermott is a liar

Scapegoating Ron Artest is foolish

Associated Press "reporter" Aoife White is a liar

Appeasement of a ruthless enemy does not work

Thug Congressman physically attacks student journalist

Bloomington Democrats subsidize sexual abuse

Speaking against Planned Parenthood funding

Replacing God's moral law with man's petty law

When hatred pretends to be "compassion"

The redundant residency requirement

The AFA comments on Mitch Daniels' proposed "truce"

Mitch Daniels and his "truce"

The city's boycott of Arizona

The terrorist flotilla

Avatar: New technology does not make a great movie.

Frivolous defamation lawsuits

Limited government vs. no government

How not to draw a legislative district

Grade inflation and teaching standards

People should not live in fear of their government

Don't punish the innocent for the crimes of the guilty

Souder’s humility a refreshing change

Another politician commits adultery

Evil is real

Get the politicians off welfare

5 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw

The anti-Semitism of the animal "rights" movement

The Dalai Lama visits Bloomington

Monroe County residents seek long term solution for development

Hypocrisy defined: placing sex over merit

Coats should remember the disasters of 2006 and 2008

Let the kids pray.

Primary election 2010

Follow-up on corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

8th District

Negative campaigning

No corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

Just fix the problem and stop crying about it.

No corporate welfare for the merchants of death

Bud Bernitt endorsed by Indiana Right to Life

Who crucified Jesus Christ?

Just say "no" to corporate welfare for the Indiana Pacers

April 19, 1993 vs. April 19, 1995

Obamacare misses the point of health insurance

"One of the least of these..."

Will God judge America?

The two-faced, forked-tongued hypocrisy of the Herald-Times

"What happened to Dan Coats?"

The rampant idolatry of celebrity, Part IV

A deeply offensive and ignorant comparison

A pathetically weak abomination of a punishment

It's time to decriminalize marijuana

Arizona Republicans: get rid of McCain!

Outside fire runs a concern for City of Bloomington and Bloomington Township fire departments.

Be a parent!

Sexually degrading insults aimed at the Tea Party Patriots

Baron Hill: Aggressively Pro-Abortion

Governing against the will of the people

A week in the nation's capital

Wiping out STD's

Local control, not federal mandates

Leonard the Liar hits another low

Gun rights vs. private property rights

Leonard the Liar strikes again

Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism opens with lecture on French anti-Semitism

The filibuster and the supermajority

A blasphemous heresy and doctrine of devils

Indiana Family Action PAC endorses Jim Banks

Murder victims, by sex and race

Proven irresponsible?

"Party Unity" cannot exist with a "big tent"

Monroe County Primary Ballot, 2010

The "middle of the road" fallacy

Abortion, racism and civil rights

The H-T is responsible for what the H-T publishes.

ACC serves as advocate, resource for students

A dangerously foolish view

Tim Tebow ad "controversy" - much ado about nothing

Should health care reform include tort reform?

Making local government more accountable

The need for a well-informed legislature

Abortion is murder!

Respecting authority

U.S. Supreme Court rebukes Baron Hill

President George W. Bush

The 2010 Rally for Life

Bill Clinton and Harry Reid - racists?

Get your act together, Herald-Times.

False information on Wikipedia

Scott Brown on abortion

Vote for Tibbs in 2010

The "tea party" as a third party?

Tea Party protests Baron Hill

Ingrid Newkirk's doctrines of devils

The murder of Don Belton

Wikipedia does not make mistakes.

2010 Rally for Life should be covered

The Herald-Times gun permit database

Partisanship and patriotism are not the same