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Let's chill out on assault weapons

Time to leave Syria, Bashir Assad.

A more pressing need than banning soda

107-2 basketball win illustrates need for "mercy rule"

Boycott companies with offensive ads

Politicizing a tragedy vs. finding solutions

Merry Christmas 2012

Reality on gun control

There are no tax cuts on the table. None.

Compromise or capitulation on gun laws?

Stop whining about the 2012 election!

Mass shootings and the reckless "news" media

Movie pet peeves

Square-Enix RPG names

Deny funding to Planned Parenthood

A top tax rate of 91 percent? Really?

Today's horrific school shooting

Deer task force reveals our depravity

Understanding Matthew 7:1 in context

Running away from God's account of creation

War on Drugs: Obama should respect the Tenth Amendment

1 Kings 14:10 and red letter Bibles

An honest question

Facebook theology

E-mail privacy and limited government

Obscene and brazen hypocrisy by the Herald-Times

America's destructive and deadly entitlement mentality

An evil injustuce by Judge Teresa Harper

Seventy years of American "progress"

The most important issue in every election

Yes, Petraeus' adultery IS a scandal

Abolish the Electoral College

Susan Rice is too corrupt to be the SOS

Thoughts on the CIA adultery scandal

Tree Killer Tibbs

Thanksgiving 2012

"Not yours to give"

Abortion and the Republican Party

No corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

Abortion in the case of rape

Who is the leader of the Republican Party?

Winning the black and Hispanic vote

Reasons to be hopeful about the future

HTO moderation policy is hopelessly broken

Winning elections in Monroe County


Monroe County voters are stupid

Voting for local office based on national issues

Abolish the Hoosier Lottery

My thoughts on the 2012 election

Yes, we can know the will of God

It ain't over

The polls are now closed in Indiana

Do not retain a child murderer as judge

Obama tells people they may not smoke in their own home

Wanzer does not deserve a fourth term

I voted for Mitt Romney, but he is not a Christian

Prominent Democrat endorses Bridges for Auditor

Do we worship God or Mammon?

Richard Mourdock's visit to Bloomington

Penn State and the corruption of authority

Disgraced ex-Congressman seeks to silence his critics

Mourdock's choice of words

The Dinesh D'Souza scandal

Video games are not real, Part 3

Democrats' extremism on abortion

Thoughts on the second presidential debate

Rally for Religious Liberty in Bloomington

Properly articulating the pro-life position

News Flash: Video Games are not real

Be careful what you wish for...

Stoops spews propaganda, but avoids the question

Monroe County Democrats' irresponsible deficit spending

A slip of the tongue is not a "lie." Chill out.

Movie Review: Unthinkable

Nelson Shaffer and open meetings

Just another "isolated incident" in the failed War on Drugs

Sub-human puddles of slime and filth

More silly Bloomington traffic policy

Playing games with maps in Monroe County

Barack Obama oppresses poor people

The Community Reinvestment Act and the economic collapse

Fact: Obama owns the budget deficit

Had Enough?

Maddow's desperate take on Obama's debate performance

Voting for a real conservative in District 60

A quick note about last night's debate

Someone forgot to tell the terrorists

Education reform, federalism and religious liberty

Joe Donnelly always has Obama's back

A very silly blog post

Movie Review - Resident Evil: Retribution

Barack Obama - "You didn't build that!"

Barack Obama sides with the terrorists!

Defending Obama by changing the subject

Scott Wells arrested ten years ago today

Clean campaigning in the 60th legislative district

Two random observations

Barack Obama is not an American!

In case you haven't figured it out yet...

The Indiana Code is wrong: Rape is rape.

The Community Reinvestment Act

Obama's shameless hypocrisy

John Gregg takes his stand as an Internet troll

Mitt Romney and abortion in the case of rape

The terrorists hate us for our freedom!

Paul Ryan and medical marijuana

Sermons need to be helpful and practical

The war in Afghanistan

We would lose if we fought World War II today

Mindless savages attack America - and our government apologizes!

The local church is a critical part of Christian faith

Mindless savages in Libya

Be humble in the face of rebuke

Never forget September 11.

Gallup fudges the numbers to help Obama

Discipline - how parents honor our Father

Google Plus needs to open its API

Fiscally irresponsible Monroe County Democrats

Two excellent ads from Richard Mourdock

Who are the real racists in the welfare reform debate?

Obama gets campaign cash after handing out corporate welfare

A shameful and despicable witch hunt

Obama's terrible record on civil liberties

Commissioners' meeting times need to change, Part IV

Happy Labor Day!

Barack Obama and murdering babies born alive

Romney's reverse gender gap

Obama continues to hurt the economy

Let's not go overboard on the Todd Akin controversy

Akin and abortion in the case of rape

Creative criminals wasting their talents

NBC "News" obsessed with Hurricane Katrina

Murder is never the solution to our problems

Dems should stop blaming Bush for policies they supported

Barack Obama: Our pro-infanticide President

Jeremiah 17:9

A very sad summer camp

Scolding an Olympic athlete, Mrs. Obama? Really?

A meaningless poll by PBS NewsHour

Perry Township Board meetings should be better advertised

Worst superhero ever

A shameful and despicable attack

Obama vs. Welfare Reform

Is the governor's race over?

Sports statues and the Second Commandment

A serious point and a funny video

Commissioners' meeting times need to change, Part III

Commissioners' meeting times need to change, Part II

Planned Parenthood denied funding...

@BarackObama and warantless wiretapping

Shelli Yoder's bad faith debate challenge

Christians and sin

County Commissioners' meeting times

Babies should not die for the crimes of their father

Obama takes nanny state ninnyism to a new level

Was that the best word, Mr. Zaltsberg?

Chick-Fil-A exposes the intolerance of the Left

Exploiting tragedy for political gain

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

What is a right?

Leonard covers for failed protest against Chick-Fil-A

Two new ads from the Mourdock campaign

Marketing the Indiana Lottery

Government meeting times need to change

"You didn't build that..."

Interesting point in an H-T editorial

How to make Cheese Strata

Chick-Fil-A controversy

SCOTUS' shameful decision on ObamaCare

Scott Wells' loss is great for Monroe County

Democrats caucus to pick new county council candidate

Rally for Religious Liberty speeches

Not all cultures are equal!

Make an example of Penn State "University"

Batman has always been a dark character

The limits of free speech on the Internet

Good for democracy

Deuteronomy 23:1, more deeply examined

Four quick points on "The Dark Knight Rises"

The shameful hypocrisy of the Herald-Times

They don't know how right they are

Mayor Kruzan, end your war on liberty.

Bloomberg's latest effort to meddle in your life

God created the earth as described in Genesis, Part II

An evil and murderous agenda

Julie Thomas and the Planned Parenthood sex abuse scandal

Todd Young on repealing ObamaCare

Murdering people in the name of "tolerance"

A Biblical look at repealing ObamaCare

An unprecedented expansion of federal power

Homosexual terrorist goes off the deep end at IU

Movie Review: Amazing Spider-Man

Opinion Archives

Don't elect morons to the state legislature!

SPAM comments and paying attention

I am finished with Herald-Times comments

ObamaCare upheld - a dark day for America

Rape is not a joke. It is a crime.

A serious question about Fast & Furious

Barack Obama is a liar and a hypocrite

Montana waterfall and stream

Discernment is a good thing

More unethical behavior by the Democratic county auditor

We need to stay out of Syria

Bloomington's anti-vehicle bias

Enforce the law, Mr. President.

Sunshine is the ultimate disinfectant

Penn State sex abuse scandal

The reality of AIDS in the United States

City government intentionally causes traffic chaos

It is homosexual marriage advocates who are intolerant!

Where are you when we need you, Joe McCarthy?

"Pro-Life" Gregg slams Pence for being Pro-Life

The EPA is an abused child? Really?

Funny Beagle story

Opposing the evil of prison rape

Homosexual marriage and religious liberty

Vi Simpson and video games

Traffic impeding devices installed on West Third

We must put a stop to sexual abuse of prisoners

An abuse of language

Some excellent advice:

CCFL to participate in nationwide Stand Up For Religious Freedom rally at the Monroe County Courthouse on June 8, 2012

Social issues and the Republican Party

Thoughts on John Gregg's choice for his running mate

Memorial Day 2012

GOP attacks on Romney's record

Wanetta Gibson is a rapist

The front page - focusing on local vs. national news

The NBA needs to send a message to the Heat

Facing reality on "party unity"

Social Services Funding Committee hears proposals

More from the nanny state ninnies

Say "no" to corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

VAWA and shameless political demagoguery

Regulating pizza?

Actually, Joe Donnelly DID vote for Pelosi.

Thoughts on the Lugar/Mourdock race

Barack Obama flip flops on same-sex marriage

No corporate welfare for the merchants of death, Part XIII

Video games - too expensive to survive?

Richard Lugar, the sore loser

Movie Review: The Avengers

2012 Monroe County primary results

The Washington Post's strange Orwellian editorial

Election Night 2012

Excuse me, what is the problem here?

Endorsements for the 2012 primary

Obama's Favorite Republican- Dick Lugar

More shameful race-baiting in the Zimmerman/Martin case

Barack Obama's contraception mandate, revisited

The LA Lakers need to face a real punishment

Disqus comments

Cruel and Unusual? The answer is yes... and no.

Doug Wilson on slavery

Video games are not to blame for Breivik massacre

Disagreement is not hate.

Barack Obama ate a dog. So what?

The rich already pay their "fair share" in taxes

Richard Lugar is in trouble

Ten years ago today

"There is no beauty that we should desire Him"

The Herald-Times should apologize to Doug Wilson

Leftists prove at Wilson speech that "diversity" is a fraud

Lessons from Waco, 19 years later

It's time to unite around Mitt Romney and defeat Obama

More video from the Doug Wilson speech

Censorship by mob rule is still censorship

Diversity is a fraud

New, easy-to-remember address for the Facebook page

Where should government have authority over our lives?

You won. You got what you wanted. Get over it already!

A rush to judgment in the Trayvon Martin shooting

Leonard the Liar spews another smear

Leftist terrorists discredit themselves

Peanut Butter Pie

The proper use of Wikipedia

Traffic calming devices or traffic impeding devices?

NBC "reporter" lies about Trayvon Martin shooting

ObamaCare's individual mandate

Shameful dishonesty

Jack Hopkins social services funding schedule

Moving toward sanity on alcohol policy

The importance of recognizing sarcasm

Legal or not, Lugar's residency issues are politically toxic

Interstate 69: Nobody likes a sore loser

Bristol Palin calls out Barack Obama

Indiana Right to Life PAC endorses Mourdock

Taco Soup recipe

Thank God for Hell!

The obligation to go negative

Misrepresenting our troops in Afghanistan

A clarification, an announcement and an anniversary

I am a conservative, not an anarchist

Obvious question about smoking - and the answer

We need more members of Congress

The shifting sands of HTO comment policy

Another major endorsement for Mourdock

Another predictable and false Leftist smear

The birth control fraud: Do the math!

Intentionally losing games in the NBA

Murders in Bloomington up by 200 since 2005

City Council fails its most important responsibility

The Limbaugh controversy is not about insults

2012 primary races set

A political reality:

A promise not kept

Where is the outrage?

Barbarians riot and murder over charred paper

Nuclear Weapons

Bob Morris is right about the Girl Scouts!

An intellectually dishonest pro-abortion smear

Animal rights terrorist on a jihad for Gaia

Attack Ads, Circa 1800

Audio recording law: Brazenly unconstitutional

"Move to Amend" misses the point

Obama's hostility to Christians continues

Townhall columnist spews a slimy attack on Santorum

Rick Santorum is right about prenatal testing!

A zinger from Twitter:

Pro-abortion extremists discredit themselves

Santorum is the best choice for Republicans in 2012

RomneyCare and ObamaCare - a critical difference

Barack Obama oppresses black people

Movie review: Paparazzi

We must also oppose chemical abortion

Judge fails basic biology

An observation on "scorched earth" campaigning

Maddow's dishonest attack on Rick Santorum

Mourdock shows he does not trust voters

Why are Republicans so pessimistic?

Tort "reform" is not reform at all

Save your guilt trip for someone else!

Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Archived posts and "privacy" on Facebook

Striking a balance between justice and compassion

Reflecting on the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Vouchers invite government meddling!

Seat belt laws are abut money, not safety.

Pro-abortion terrorism in Bloomington

The fake Don Imus "controversy" revisited

Random thoughts of the day

Penn State fan whines about being "disrespected"

Improving black people's lives is not racist

Two verses from a new father

2012 Rally for Life draws 200, plus immature opposition

Pictures from the 2012 Rally for Life

Don't forget: 2012 Rally for Life this Sunday!

Mitt Romney snatches defeat from the jaws of victory

You can't separate the ST from the D

Who will stand for the unborn in Bloomington?

In defense of negative campaigning

Polyamory will be the next fight

Santorum's classic libertarian position on contraception

Occupy Bloomington: Stupid statement of the day

Nanny state overreach or reasonable protection?

"Do something" should not be the ultimate goal!

Vigilantism is not the answer

Vouchers: See? I told you so.

NFL Wild Card: Environmentalist Wacko Picks

Is first-degree murder an appropriate charge here?

Rick Santorum for President!

Stand against abortion: Come to the 2012 Rally for Life

Republican primary for President: Scott's top five

Santorum's enemies on the Left are two-faced hypocrites

Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut