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2014 is almost over...

Merry Christmas from Nano!

The mythical "War on Christmas" - revisited

The murder of two NYPD officers, rhetoric and police safety

Prayers to the NYPD

Get over yourself, Mrs. Obama.

About those "We Can't Breathe" shirts in NBA games

School discipline, race and fairness

Due process, campus rape and false allegations

Verse of the day

Eric Garner is not Michael Brown

It's that time again

Roger Goodell is a liar and a hypocrite

Republicans need to fill the 2015 ballot

Facebook, free speech, threats and criminal law

Re-alignment of NBA divisions?

A window into the mind of an obsessive nitpicker

The never-ending Creationism vs. Evolution debate

Absolutely hilarious!

Tenth Street repairs

BCC is your friend

Unborn black lives matter

And now for something completely random

Thanksgiving 2014

Children, the state, and reproductive "rights"

The real question

1, 2, 3, 4 we don't need another war

Anal rape is not funny

A big loss for city government

"There’s Nothing Natural about Doctor-Aided Death"

I am a nerd!

Stop whining about student voters!

Los Angeles vs. San Diego

Just approve Obama's nominees, Republicans

When "personhood" laws go off the rails

Burial vs. Cremation in the Christian faith

Following up on "marriage equality" vs. religious liberty

Feeding the homeless

100% pure evil

Republicans do not have a mandate from the 2014 election

This is true, and that is terribly sad.

Idiotic censorship in Arizona

March for Life should not be forced to pay for abortion pills

The Republican wave of 2002 seems so far away now...

Verse of the day

Fact of the day

Election Day or Election Month?

Republicans: Do not stay home in the mid-terms!

Ebola, facts, fearmongering and smears

What is freedom, really?

Shameful corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood

Sunday November 02, 2014

Voter Fraud

Just fill out the form!

NBA Draft lottery reform is dead... for now.

Christians and Halloween

"Marriage equality" on a collision course with religious liberty

Hash marks on HTO comments

Happy Birthday to me

A quick note about Ebola

When government solves a problem it created

How to lose a bone

I really hate spiders

Cord cutters and subscription services

The county council's shameful handout to Planned Parenthood

Democrats scrape the bottom of the barrel

Opposing corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

Using laptops in class, and common courtesy

Some perspective on Ebola

Malala Yousafzai wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Reaping the whirlwind

We should not be celebrating suicide

Monroe County Commissioner: Libertarians vs. Republicans

The diva cannot allow herself to get wet

A serious question

Random thoughts of the day

Gender insanity in government schools

No charges for police who maimed Bounkham Phonesavanh

School lunches, Seven Oaks and personal responsibility

Yesterday's SCOTUS decision on homosexual marriage

The Willie Horton ad was 100% true and fair

Sunday October 05, 2014

Ebola in Texas

Political Correctness endorses man-on-woman violence

Thursday October 02, 2014

Pseudonyms for letters to the editor? Absolutely not!

Supporting Seven Oaks Classical School

Christmas in September?

25% does not equal 0.11%

Want to drive to your destination? "Papers, please."

"The rape epidemic is a fiction."

The importance of the 2014 elections

Needless fearmongering about violent crime

The ultimate disinfectant

Adrian Peterson, spanking, child abuse and liberty

Tuesday September 23, 2014

Due process and sexual assault, revisited

An observation from George Will

Vote for Jeff Ellington

Saturday September 20, 2014

Three links for today

If inflammatory language is used, it should have a purpose

New tool to combat texting & driving

Reject Planned Parenthood's request for corporate welfare

Peanut butter pie with Oreo crust

More thoughts on campus rape and due process

An extremely effective alarm

Corporations, personhood, free speech and SCOTUS

Thursday September 11, 2014

Never forget September 11

Should crime victims be punished?

Thoughts on Ray Rice, the NFL and hypocrisy

I lost my chair

Going to the other extreme is not a solution

Sexual assault, due process and civil liberties

A quick word from Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

Random thoughts of the day

Courting vs. Dating: The debate rages

Shameful and disgusting

No good can come by being belligerent with police

A note about editorial archives

Not even a drop in the bucket

Thoughts on Facebook Messenger

The danger of an unarmed attacker

Mireille Miller-Young is a terrorist, plain and simple

"We never should have gone into Iraq..."

"If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me."

Monroe County Democrats fund child abuse with tax money

Judy Sharp should apologize for wasting tax money

"What about black on black crime, huh?"

Obama's open rebellion against the Constitution

A shooting and civil unrest in Ferguson

Praying for the oppressed in Iraq

The shooting of a black man in Ferguson

Obama's anti-constitutional war on sermons

No matter how unjustifed a police shooting may be...

Do we have the moral high ground?

Following up - No corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

A commuter tax in Monroe County?

No one wins when pulpits aren't free

The law, the world, and salvation

Wisdom from Dr. Sowell

Pointless PC pandering by Marvel Comics

Two tenets

Saturday August 02, 2014

Do nothing Congress?

The last line of defense for unborn babies

Courts should not be writing health care policy

An infinite number of man's petty laws...

Tuesday July 29, 2014

Judy Sharp's wasteful abuse of tax money

Quick thought on the immigration crisis

Babies in womb start learning earlier than thought

Immigration politics: A double dose of double standards

Doug Wilson on sexual justice

A post where I actually defend Hillary Clinton

Click the link below is you want to be angry...


Students should care about local politics

"All law is imposed morality"

Restricting dangerous fireworks vs. smoking bans

Going to the border...

Indiana's dangerous and irresponsible fireworks laws

Since when is child abuse a legitimate law enforcement tool?

The War to End All Wars?

Hobby Lobby, FDA labels and entitlements

Parents, Require Obedience of Your Children

Separate marriage and state?

Stop public handouts for Planned Parenthood

The "old west" fireworks laws in Indiana need reform

Looking back on Benjamin Smith and free speech

Hobby Lobby

Non-intervention is not isolationism

New HTO - One year ago today

Eugenics, vasectomies and minimizing harm

Absurd, pathetic and depressing - if this is real.

Excellent news on abortion "clinic" buffer zones

The stupid... It hurts!!

Twenty five years of dominance in San Antonio

A very important link

NAFTA was a Clinton policy

Print edition vs. online edition

Washington Redskins, property rights and free speech

Planned Parenthood funding scandal continues

Moral issues on which there can be no ambiguity?

And now a few words from Hillary Clinton

Speaking against funding for Planned Parenthood

Washington Reskins

Universities making Christian faith mean nothing

Where to publish letters to the editor?

No-knock paramilitary raids and the War on Drugs

The frightening militarization of law enforcement

Nintendo makes PlayStations now?

Defective product or defective parents? comes to a sad but expected end

And now for something completely random...

Rumors floating around the courthouse

Pathetic and dangerous excuses by Obama apologists

Baby suffers horrific burns thanks to War on Drugs, Part III

Protecting the basic human rights of prisoners

Confused or transgendered?

Baby suffers horrific burns thanks to War on Drugs, Part II

Movie Review: Days of Future Past

Baby suffers horrific burns thanks to the War on Drugs

The history of corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood

Evaluating emotions instead of logic

Observations about role-playing games

Memorial Day 2014

County recorder Jim Fielder dies at 58

Google Plus and MySpace

Using weakness to oppress others

Like it or not, Donald Sterling has a point

Do we even live in America anymore?

Peanut Butter Pie

Drugging toddlers for behaving like toddlers

In defense of capital punishment

Random thoughts of the day

Parking meters do not work!

No corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

A shocking upset in West Virginia

Fighting rape on college campuses

The need for speed and the politics of panics

Robert James Campbell

Two new posts on Hoosier Access

Thoughts on blog hosting services

Question regarding "Click It or Ticket"

Lethal injection should be abolished

Good riddance Rebecca Kubacki

Time to end corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

Movie Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2

This abuse of power is 100% pure evil

Learn to drive or get off the road!

Donald Sterling, privacy, hypocrisy and the Thought Police

Help needed in editing mp3 files

Thoughts on the affirmative action ruling from SCOTUS

Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens tomorrow

In five of the last six national elections...

Learn to drive or get off the road!

The hypocrisy of opposing intolerance by being intolerant

Common sense on E-Cigarettes

Thoughts on the "Slut Walk" and effective protest

"Beethoven" mini-review

An offensive glurge about the "world's toughest job"

The United States of SWAT

Kruzan's secrecy is not acceptable

Conference dominance and restructuring the NBA Playoffs

Can we be good without God?

Posse Comitatus and police militarization

Kruzan's secrecy is troublesome

Modesty standards are not oppressive

Sunday Scripture: Matthew 18:15-22

Come to ClearNote Church for Easter

What is the Kruzan administration trying to hide?

Barack Obama's White House: A hate-filled zone

Old man Tibbs?

Using financial terrorism to to protect the innocent

Cosa Nostra turf protection

How to cripple the illegal drug trade:

Triple threat from redneck road rage

Sunday Scripture -- I Thessalonians 4:1-7

Children are a blessing from the Lord...

Pence stands up for civil liberties

Prescriptions for pseudoephedrine won't stop meth

Low-barrier shelters and intellectual honesty

I never criticize Republicans!

"Positive" rights and "negative" rights

Random observation

Real violence and fantasy violence

Corrupt prosecutors in Durham, North Carolina

Dan Coats, Ukraine and vacationing in Siberia

A completely backwards orientation on student safety

Just one line

A Fourteenth Amendment "right" to abortion?

The McDonald's "hot coffee" lawsuit

And now for something completely random...

Seventeen years ago today...

"Jake's Law" and the expanding nanny state

Supervising teens and local government schemes

Hopkins social services funding schedule 2014

More on religious freedom

Modesty, shame, and the proper role of sex

Sacrificing free speech to avoid hurt feelings

Take the politicians off welfare

An absurd and misogynistic ruling

Kruzan has some serious questions to answer

Wake up!

"Animal Room" is the worst movie ever made

Public vs. private - words mean things!

Super NES memories...

Chain restaurants in downtown Bloomington

Conditional use for chain restaurants?

The human rights crisis in American prisons

The human rights crisis in American prisons

Reconsidering "one and done" in the NBA

Religious freedom is hanging by a thread

Homosexual marriage and polygamy

Religious freedom vs. mandatory acceptance

I believe in young earth creationism

The freedom not to associate

Sexual assault, due process and protecting students

Lying to your customers is not good business

An illegal "law" on ballot access

We need to stop defending "traditional marriage"

No one is forcing anything on anyone with HJR-3

Affirmative action in the NBA

Hiding the blood on our hands through censorship

14 ways to improve HTO

The perils of social media: Don't feed the trolls

Murdered by police in his own home

ObamaCare and the Christian work ethic

Hunting, morality, and the animal kingdom

A foolish switch to an inferior platform

Romans 1:20-21

Who crucified Jesus Christ?

CDBG grants and the Tenth Amendment

Don Bates is the best choice for Hoosier Republicans

Marijuana, alcohol, and Libertarians discrediting themselves

Don Bates speaks to the IU College Republicans

Deranged Leftists erupt in anger... over snow removal!

Russia using the Olympics to celebrate genocide

Political correctness and the feminization of discourse

Nine years after Kelo, we have a vacant lot

Jahi McMath and an unexplained bloodlust

CVS no longer selling cigarettes...

Looking back on "three strikes" moderation

Disagreement does not constitute a "lie"

Amanda Knox

Those buffer zones around Massachusetts abortion "clinics"

Indiana Pacers set themselves back ten years

On the state of Google Plus

Re-posting old editorials on

House Bill 1351 needs to be defeated

Selling legal products legally is a "crime" now?

Alfred Kinsey is the personification of evil

Random thoughts of the day

A silly argument over texting leads to death

Let’s be real about the marriage amendment

An important reminder for the 2014 elections

If only we had a do-nothing bureaucracy

Figure skating in the Winter Olympics

Why I support corporal punishment

Honor Martin Luther King Jr. by defending the defenseless

2014 Rally for Life draws over 220 to protest abortion

Second Amendment rights: HB 1018 needs a hearing

EkoBrew for Keurig

Justice for Haiti

Children are a blessing from the Lord...

The "Smokers Rights" law should be repealed

Twenty years ago...

The one exception to my opposition to term limits

The moral component of unemployment benefits

The New Jersey traffic scandal and 2016

Chris Christie and a politically motivated traffic disaster

Chris Christie, the bridge scandal, and 2016

Dwyane Wade gets away with a 7-step travel

Abortion: A spiritual question and grieving for little ones

Dustin Turner denied clemency

Following up on my Rally for Life LTTE

What makes a rivalry in the NBA?

Moving back to Blogspot comments

Mandatory minimums are not outdated

Lowering the standards for women in combat

Come to the 2014 Rally for Life

Feeling appreciated

"A glaring conflict of interest"

Topless protests: This is a thing now? Really?

A legislative agenda for 2014

The war on incandescent light bulbs