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I have strange dreams.

James 4:14

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The drive-by media

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Banning the message, not the act


Proverbs 25:28

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Enough with the "all politicians are liars" meme

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Honey attracts more flies than vinegar

Trump voters decided that racism isn't a deal breaker?

The county council's war against transparency

Hypocritical virtue signaling

Romans 8:38-39

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving week

In defense of Donald Trump's voters

Donald Trump and homosexual rights

Encouraging news for Monroe County Republicans

Tuesday November 15, 2016

Positives of President Trump

Blogspot comments imported

Psalm 146:3-4

Veterans Day

County council funds baby killers again

President Trump? Really?

Misogyny and Gamergate

Janet Reno

The idolatry of celebrity in the conservative movement

Saturday November 05, 2016

Thoughts on social networking

Thursday November 03, 2016

Time to stop whining about the news media

Your vote in local elections always matters most

The road to tyranny is paved with good intentions

You missed someone

Let's not be pollyannaish about Rand Paul in 2020

Friday October 28, 2016

The dangerous, fanatical cult of Donald Trump

More shady and unethical behavior by Shelli Yoder

Vote like a human resources manager

A little advice on how Facebook works

Typical modern ignorance and arrogance

Credit card fraud in the county Auditor's office

Montana waterfall

Twitter's abuse policy should be both firm and fair

Tuesday October 18, 2016

The deplorable treatment of women on Twitter

The wicked idolatry of Trump cultists

Donald Trump is a liar.

Gang raped and infected with AIDS

Donald Trump and "locker room banter"

I am pro-life because I am a Christian

Saturday October 08, 2016

Dating and courtship, revisited

100% pure hatred

Do not be distracted: Donald Trump is not the issue

Julie Thomas' arrogant dismissal of her constituents

"No attack ever fed a hungry child, Mrs. Clinton."

Sunday October 02, 2016

Reality Check

In defense of gruesome aborted baby pictures

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are tone deaf

Do not just blindly vote for Democrats

Vote for Shaffer and White to ensure transparency

War Crimes should not be official U.S. foreign policy

Three random thoughts

Already against the next war?

Shelli Yoder's shady dealings, Part II

We need new leadership in city government

The choice for U.S. Senate is clear

Can America survive Hillary?

Taking a stand against porn

Sunday September 18, 2016

Looking back on 9/11

All laws legislate morality.

Shelli Yoder's shady dealings

"Why don't you write about something that matters?"

Changes to blog comments

Fifteen years ago today: Never forget 9/11


YouTube's copyright confusion

Back in 1976

Point at something with outrage!

Charters vs. Vouchers

Happy labor day!

Stanford university missing the point with alcohol policy

Bashing working class whites helps Trump

Trying to distract from the facts

Tuesday August 30, 2016

Ending at-will employment for government

Sunday August 28, 2016

#NeverTrump Republicans need to vote in November

Use discernment before sharing on social media

Ann Boehm is the only choice for county Auditor

Tim Kaine should not cave on military force

Wake up Republicans! A 93% ally is not a 7% enemy!

The wicked idolatry of Trump cultists

The danger of sexting, and non-consensual sharing

Temperament matters!!

The long term health of the country

Hillary Clinton's defense of a demonic child rapist

A federal death penalty for killing cops?

Breaking down - or bypassing - "The Blue Wall"

Sorry Democrats. Hillary Clinton is a warmonger.

The cult of Donald Trump

That pornographic New York Post cover

Nobody likes a snob, except for other snobs.

Tera the Beagle

The typical coward's way out

Same disaster, different name on the office door?

A few thoughts about Black Lives Matter

A few thoughts on plagiarism

Tuesday July 26, 2016

Open government and transparency, revisited

Black Lives Matter raises important issues

"Law and Order"

Ted Cruz was right to not endorse Donald Trump

Christian Citizens for Life

Evan Bayh is a carpetbagger

The ex-Supersonics do not deserve loyalty from players

Genesis 9:14-16

Indiana state legislature further empowers drug cartels

A local lesson from the Clinton e-mail controversy

Mike Pence for Vice President?

Yes, birth control can lead to sexual abuse

The Red Baron runs away

The barren wasteland known as guyland

Stop meth, not meds.

Waiting for the facts...

Happy 4th of July!

Shelli Yoder to consider funding Planned Parenthood

Beautiful Montana waterfall

Following up on corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

"Star Wars" nails it for those who don't get politics

Quick note on free speech

Little known fact

We have posse comitatus for a reason!

Citizens deserve a chance to speak

Would Republicans oppose the Grand Wizard of the KKK?

Thoughts on the Republican state convention

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

An embarrassing city council meeting

The Herald-Times breaks its own standards again

Two items

Women in refrigerators and the Mystique billboard

Liars cannot be trusted

The frightening precedent in the Bill Cosby case

Tort Reform

Blood transfusions and religious liberty, Part II

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Blood transfusions and religious liberty, Part I

Wild Strawberries

Follow up: No corporate welfare for baby butchers

What would Jesus do? He would shoot Harambe!

Facing reality on "transgender" bathroom access

Rules for comments: A reminder

Memorial Day 2016

Meme sharing via guilt trip.

Oh for crying out loud!

Of course moderation is censorship

Fifteen years

The opioid "crisis" is not a crisis


Like it or not, Hiroshima was justified

City Council should reject Planned Parenthood funding

Spoiled? Naw, it can't be that!

Backsliding into bad drug war policy

Party unity in a "big tent" party

Movie Review - Captain America: Civil War

Recognizing simultaneous truths about rape

If you condemn Clinton, you must condemn Trump.

1 Corinthians 15:22-26

I approve of this candy

#NeverTrump Republicans still need to turn out and vote

Thank you, voters, for your confidence in me.

Who do you trust to manage your health care?

My general philosophy on voting

No more corporate welfare for baby butchers

Transgender bathrooms and abandoning reality

A quick note

We could all stand to be a little more humble.

I will never vote for Donald Trump. Period.

Looking back on Marvel Comics' Civil War

Dennis Hastert

Professionalize county government

Superpredators, Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter

If Donald Trump loses, the only one to blame is Donald Trump

More men should marry at a younger age

Marlin Stutzman needs to stop siding with Democrats

We need to stop qualifying our moral statements

Sunday April 24, 2016

Romans 5:10

Revisiting "party unity" again

Using lethal force to get what you want

Vote for Jim Banks for Congress

Forcible anal intrusion is rape

Observation on food stamps

A case against early voting

When being "polite" is the worst thing you can do

Republicans lead the way on transparency

Profoundly selfish

Thoughts on being "anti-establishment" or an "outsider"

Vote for Jeff Ellington

Quick Observation

Friday April 08, 2016

Just how stupid is Donald Trump?

Coffee cans

Dog ownership observations

Abortion, pride, and different ministries

Prison rape is not justice


Vindictiveness in the homosexual rights movement

Stop publishing lies and smears about Seven Oaks!

Does HeraldTimesOnline actually have comment guidelines?

Genesis 1:27-28

Movie Review: Jurassic World

A few words from Donald Trump

A troublesome anti-abortion bill

Maundy Thursday

The Duke lacrosse team "rape" case, ten years later

Quick Observation

Nineteen years ago today: The best day of my life.

Sixth Amendment


Let's please think critically about "Common Core Math"

A welcome step forward on transparency

Chill out over Twitter's "trust and safety council"

A basic principle

Watering down the sex offender registry

Sunday March 13, 2016


Is it wrong to be angry?

The infinite grace and mercy of God

The importance of local elections

Gloating over a "shaken baby" conviction

Hypocrisy is real, but people can change their minds.

Sunday March 06, 2016

A childish response to #NeverTrump

Banning bans on plastic bags is a victory for small government

Trump's many disqualifying factors

IDS opinion page makes students unsafe

Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda

Waco - 23 years later

Truth in reporting

A friendly reminder...

Protecting women from rape is not "rape culture"

Thursday February 25, 2016

Property rights are essential to our liberty and prosperity

Corrupt police, limited government and our sin nature

Women in combat is immoral and makes America weaker

Partisan obstructionism and gridlock

Forcing beliefs

Donald Trump's many donations to Democrats

A mystery and an observation

Counterproductive efforts at fighting meth

Willful ignorance of the purpose of primary elections

Todd Young and Marlin Stutzman square off on ballot access

Voting is always a compromise

Revisiting anonymity on the Internet

Todd Young, Marlin Stutzman and ballot access

Reform the presidential primary system

Yes, I do blame Trump's voters

Women in combat

Local politics is really where it's at

Who would be worse: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Of course there should be limits on home rule.

Trump's popularity is disturbing

Three passages from God's Word

Yes, Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen.

Observations on "Return of the Jedi"

Baby Nano

Stop calling me, Indianapolis Star


Pfaff on government spending

Why be involved in pro-life activism?

Seat Belt Laws

Utterly disgusting

Abortions in Monroe County, 2001-2013

Be like Scott.

"Pragmatic" idolatry: The Republican Party is a false god

The Trump Tapes

In defense of "partisanship"

Spending cuts and laws that work

Even if the Hartes had marijuana, a SWAT raid is outrageous

Vote for Tibbs in 2016

Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back

Sick, depraved, perverted, demonic and evil

Four years ago today

The Cure

The eye of a needle

Addressing pro-abortion objections to my letter

Three days until the 2016 Rally for Life

The destructive lottery

The Hypocrite-In-Chief

Three pet peeves and one suggestion

A confession

Come to the 2016 Rally for Life

I absolutely will not vote for Donald Trump!

A shooting can be "legal" and still be unnecessary and wrong.

2016 Rally for Life

2015 Year in Review

A serious question

For 2016, expand transparency in county government e-mails