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Merry Christmas

Colorado Supreme Court engages in insurrection

Be careful of the opposite ditch

"Hate speech" is free speech

Straining the child abuse gnat, but swallowing the elephant

Evangelizing for DINK is cringe

The moral responsibility of voters

Titus 3:3-7

Nikki Haley and her irresponsible populist rhetoric

We need full transparency on civil asset forfeiture

We need to define cancel culture to debate it

Stop fearing man instead of God

Cooling down the culture wars with a culture of free speech

The Fake News Media is the enemy of the people

Donald Trump's Veterans Day victimhood

The importance of Thanksgiving (Audio)

Abortion is an unwinnable political battle

Donald Trump is behaving like a cult leader

Do we believe man, or do we believe God?

A quick note on catastrophizing

Disowning family over politics

An effeminate man, distracted by personal grievance

Learning to take a joke

The need for moderate Republicans

The long-term harm from short-term gain

The "free speech" of terrorist sympathizers

Two ditches on "offensive" speech

Democrats put bicyclist convenience over public safety

We need moral clarity in the Israel/Hamas conflict

Fight "soft on crime" policies instead of mocking murder victims

Housing prices, assessed evaluation and YIMBY

The Republican Party needs to move on from Trumpism

The pro-liberty case for slavery?

Voters should reject another MCCSC tax hike

Donald Trump's filthy mouth

Are "Red Pill" and "Woke" the same thing?

Safety, risk and an "all or nothing" mentality

Self-righteousness is a terrible moral standard

Donald Trump, Truth Social and winning elections

Hypocritical conservatives beclown themselves again

Donald Trump's stand on abortion is morally reprehensible

Find a different location for the new jail

Facebook's ignorance does not make jokes "violence"

You cannot understand populism without understanding its context

Our education system has failed. We must reform it.

County meeting times discourage public participation

Public performances cannot be "leaked" to anyone

Transgender "rights" do not include the "right" to rape

Age verification is not an infringement on your rights

AIDS is a behaviorally spread disease. COVID-19 is not.

God hates your worst enemy

Pet Ownership is not slavery

The Pence Rule: Why do you care?

It's over. Trump will be the Republican nominee for President.

Defending "religious freedom" by attacking religious freedom

The Ron DeSantis "raised hand" gaffe

Donald Trump is constantly stepping on rakes

A propaganda video designed to destabilize

Masking and unnecessary divisions

Protect public safety in public places

Suicide is the only "ethical" and "moral" option

Neil deGrasse Tyson puts politics over science

The vilest offender who truly believes

Every personal incentive to acquiesce

MGTOW and the growth of the Christian church

Christian liberty and affirmative action

The case for a national abortion ban

Realities that anti-Trump conservatives need to recognize

This week on the blog

Mitigating the damage of the Watergate scandal

Negating Trump's personal connection with his voters

Do not fall for the space alien scam

A completely reasonable variance

A proper reform of the administrative state

Shameful Leftist smears against Dennis Prager

Dishonest attacks on Mike Pence over Ukraine

Physical fitness and the boogeyman of the alt-right

The death penalty is compassionate justice

Emotionally manipulative disinformation by Governor Hochul

The downstream effects of revival

Do affirmative action supporters actually want diversity?

Hysterical overreactions to Supreme Court decisions

When political tribalism overrides love of country

This week on the blog

The brilliance of the bake sale

A bad and dangerous ruling on school uniform policy

Siding with Communist China?

Christians should never swallow the Black Pill

Good whataboutism and bad whataboutism

Mike Pence, despite his qualifications, will never be President

Pandemic forgiveness is obviously needed

Of course employees should not intervene in robberies

Yet another shameful handout to baby killers

A leader who demands absolute loyalty is a bad leader

NAFTA was a Clinton policy. That is absolute truth.

A reality check on the debt limit deal

Donald Trump lurches to the Left. Can he be trusted?

"Never Trump" needs to recognize the good aspects of Trump

Honoring our war dead by not making more of them

"Judge not" was never a commandment

Thug huggers are enemies of criminal justice reform

If you are running against Trump, you need to attack Trump

Using profanity does not make your argument better

The solution is wrong even if the premise is right

Elon Musk is not a true ally of free speech

Reclaiming masculinity from the pagans

End the corporate welfare to baby killers

New York City's racist, pro-crime leadership

Yes, porn websites should have age verification

Qualifying our celebration of Mother's Day

"Own The Libs" is not a coherent philosophy

City Council should not further restrict smoking

Right wing liberals are still liberals

Tolerance is not the same as approval

The stupid and childish "all or nothing" mentality

Church hopping

God expects us to be thankful.

Sometimes values compete with each other

Shameful gaslighting about Monkeypox

Hookup culture and false rape allegations

The traffic commission controversy and local cancel culture

The religious fervor surrounding COVID-19

Censorship of opinions cannot coexist with education

Remembering the Waco massacre, 30 years later

Announcing your pronouns is an attempt to control others

Substack newsletters are not "unsafe" links, and Elon Musk knows it

The ridiculous indictment of Donald Trump

The two primary rule is a good rule

Sorry, folks, singleness is not a gift

Iraq, Ukraine and the patriotism of dissent

No, we should not put people in prison for trolling

You cannot win the game by only playing defense

Cult leader Gavin Newsom demands 100% total compliance

Trump is always the center of the political universe

Masks and mask mandates, revisited

Say No to the Minimum Lot Requirement

Congress needs to stop hiding from its authority

Presidents are not in charge of everything in the culture

Social security reform is a necessity

Miscarriage and abortion are not the same

Tear down the statue of Alfred Kinsey

David French embraces pride and schism over Christian unity

Donald Trump's depraved and perverted behavior on Truth Social

"Inclusive language" is religion, not science

Voter turnout should be highest for local elections

The most racist pro-abortion argument

Teenage depression during the best time in history

No, we do not need a national divorce

The idolatry of qualifications

The city council's blanket ban on pet stores

This week on the blog

A simple solution to pain management

Fake "death threats" and a need for professionalism

New city council districts

Does journalism need to be objective?

The pagan religion of public health

It is not "victory" to avoid a worse defeat

In vitro fertilization: A battle that must be fought

Red Herrings cannot hide the brutal reality of abortion

2023 Rally for Life

Looking back on the impeachment of Bill Clinton

The Chicago Cubs do not deserve anyone's support

Reflecting on fifty years since Roe v. Wade

"Tolerance" does not mean mandatory endorsements

"A healthy movement does not produce Donald Trump"

Some will trust in chariots, some will trust in horses...

Social media "dunking" is needlessly toxic

You will own nothing and you will eat bugs...

There is no reason to take a child to a drag show

News flash: Boys and girls are not the same!

Good compromise and bad compromise

Do not be distracted by the low-hanging fruit

Congress needs to take its job seriously

Limited government and the depravity of man

We must not let "science" destroy personal responsibility

Originalism and porn

Andrew Tate and the masculinity deficit

This week on the blog

Civility is not why we lose elections

"Resistance genealogy" is a fraud and a hoax

The battle to protect innocent babies has only begun