Sitemap - 2021 - ConservaTibbs

President Biden's irresponsible rhetoric on COVID-19

Why the new Monroe County Republican Party chairwoman matters

Christmas break 2021

What has conservatism actually conserved?

The absurd attacks on Mike Pence need to stop

Even the dictionary has been corrupted

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Lack of discipline is not manly or tough

The only reasonable line is fertilization

Professionalism, jokes and hypersensitivity in Congress

Why is Facebook desperate to debunk a meme?

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Thoughts on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

Childish and unprofessional behavior by Congressman Gosar

President Biden’s rebellion against the rule of law

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Thanksgiving 2021

No new blog posts this week

The role and failure of conservative thought leaders

Listen to your doctor

Jail conditions should be a concern to everyone

Harvey Milk was a sexual predator who should never be honored

Joe Biden's vaccine mandate must be stopped

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It actually should concern us

The filibuster is valuable and should be preserved

Screaming obscenities is not a conservative value

Mask mandates and the Tenth Amendment

"Where is my dinner?"

"Fall Back" will be very strange this year

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The moral panic over "Devious Licks"

Yes, the issue is spending

"Juan Sells" wins a victory for private property rights

Truth Social has a ceiling

Bullpen or Arm Barn?

Women taking their husbands' names

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The foundation must be poured first

A few thoughts on the death of Colin Powell

Throwback Thursday: SWAT raids

The transgender cult wants to criminalize dissent

Donald Trump is putting his ego over the country

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School boards, rape culture, free speech and domestic terrorists

Income and wealth are not the same

Standing for the rights of the defenseless is not unsympathetic

We must commit to lower government spending

"Zero COVID" is a foolish hoax

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Radical Leftist "activists" are determined to Build Back Worse

School prayer and mask mandates are a distraction

The dangerous cult mentality in both parties

Greta Thunberg and the need for honest criticism

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It is time for Republicans to reject Trumpism

Christians should not divide over COVID-19

Erasing men and women kills diversity

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Nicki Minaj, COVID-19 and the news media

Re-establishing the cultural value of free speech

Joe Biden smears and betrays the Border Patrol

Disagreement is not treason, Trumpers!

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Why can't Republicans move past Donald Trump?

Can we please be honest about COVID-19 fatality rates?

Republican celebrity worship

Joe Biden's lawless vaccine mandate

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Anti-terrorism law threatens civil liberties

Ivermectin and celebrating deaths from COVID-19

Judging motives is a Christian duty

Parental rights and mask mandates

Privilege is a blessing

Joe Biden's shameful surrender

"Stop telling others what to do" is a childish mentality

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20 years since 9/11

War crimes by the Soviet Union in World War II

COVID-19, Romans 13 and civil disobedience

Masks are not the only weapon we have against COVID-19

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Libertarians dancing on John McCain's grave

Can we please stop freaking out about COVID-19?

Privatizing persecution

The absurdity of equating Christians and the Taliban

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When "compassion" leads to rape

Biden passes the buck on Afghanistan

Say no to heatstroke

COVID-19 over-regulation in the name of liberty

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Generational theft and infrastructure spending

Good wars and bad wars

Binding consciences by banning masks

Simone Biles and the "all or nothing" infection

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MGTOW, burning and bitterness

I am six feet and four inches tall

Housing is not a right!

The breakthrough infections hoax

New lockdowns are unjustifiable

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Don't treat vaccinated and unvaccinated the same

Stop harassing people in their private lives

Throwback Thursday

Having a sense of proportion about COVID-19

January 6 and COVID-19 vaccines

Jesus told you to eat that bacon

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A very peaceful "war zone"

Tulsi Gabbard and the politics of envy

Stop making martyrs out of bad people

Be consistent on legacy guilt

False attacks on Republican Presidents by Trump fans

Heroes under the water

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Nothing to be refused...

Throwback Thursday: Famine vs. Genocide

Andrew Sullivan attacks "woke" culture

Demanding chapter and verse.

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A bad but necessary outcome in the Bill Cosby case

Throwback Thursday: The Bill Cosby case

Leftist dishonesty about omnibus spending bills

"Did the tweets really bother you that much?"

Church employees should follow church doctrine

This week on the blog

President Biden's remarks about nuclear weapons

Legitimate grievances and shameful race baiting

Throwback Thursday:

Putting the publican and the Pharisee in context

Why is protecting children controversial?

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Thoughts on the Fourth of July

More dishonest "cancel culture" schemes

Teaching about racism and CRT

Safety rules are not discrimination

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The city council should not have funded "All Options"

Some more thoughts on "cancel culture"

"All Options" does not need corporate welfare

June 16 speech to the city council

The housing shortage cannot be solved with grass

Never-ending pandemic "emergency" powers

A fraudulent attack on Hollingsworth

Erasing women to advance a radical agenda

Store clerks do not set store policy

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Random thoughts of the day

Never cite your sources on Facebook!

Censorship and shocking dishonesty by USA Today

That vaccine mandate at Indiana University

Yes, of course words hurt

MTG, vaccines, scapegoats and hypocrisy

We cannot learn from history if we erase it

Memorial Day 2021

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Another misguided "hate crimes" bill

No, the CDC was not "lying" about COVID-19 all along

Lockdowns and deaths of despair

Identity politics is anti-Gospel

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More religious fanaticism over COVID-19

Joe Biden expands the War on Drugs to menthol cigarettes

Republicans should reject Donald Trump's ruinous fiscal legacy

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Just say no to corporate welfare for All Options

Of course we should know about vaccine side effects

Free speech and the cursing cheerleader

Why all the hatred for Jordan Peterson?

A bad argument for duplexes

An uncomfortable truth about George Floyd's life and death

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Comment problems

"All Options" should not get corporate welfare

The cult mentality surrounding masks, revisited

More on the cult mentality surrounding masks

When lethal force is the only viable option

This week on the blog

Vaccine side effects

Contradictions and non-contradictions

All Options corporate welfare application

Do not remove police from traffic enforcement

Easy to avoid

Police in Columbus face the Kobayashi Maru

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Armed robbery, not expired tags

Reducing interactions with the police

Wrong color

Treating face masks like ceremonial religious garb

More ways to follow me

The Waco fire was 28 years ago today

Harvey Weinstein is a raindrop in the ocean

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Tread carefully on social media censorship

Transparency and overcriminalization

Protecting the innocent is not authoritarian

Transgender "health care" and emotional blackmail

This week on the blog

A failed attempt to defend Kamala Harris

Hopkins funding schedule 2021

Everyone must follow the same rules

Gaslighting and hypocrisy on transgender sports

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Unjustified moral judgments about masking up

Quick item: Intent Matters

A new way to keep up

A few thoughts about Purity Culture

A shocking abuse of power by Elizabeth Warren

COVID-19 vaccines and aborted cell lines

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City government should respect private property rights

Masks, COVID-19 and traffic fatalities

Parents should have a financial stake in education

"Cancel Culture" is an oppressive, hyper-legalist cult

Fact: Kamala Harris undermined public trust in vaccines

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Masks and the Spanish Flu

What are the options for small-government conservatives?

Defending nationalism

Kamala Harris promotes the vaccines she once derided

A sense of proportion is needed over masks

Mask mandates and misleading COVID-19 statistics

Encouraged by the failures of Biblical heroes

This week on the blog

Jesus was not a vegetarian!

The "Nazi" stage design at CPAC

The reason banning Dr. Seuss books matters

Should the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory?

Reminder: The world is not black and white

Protecting the free speech of anti-vaxxers

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Homelessness and Public Safety

Radical Leftists condemn nature

A subtle but important difference

Important links on “Shaken Baby Syndrome”

Joe Biden does not take sexual violence seriously

Fabricating a tale of racial grievance

Keeping a sense of proportion in politics

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A fun memory

More on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Millennial bashing

There will never be another Rush

Comment Guidelines

Everything you disagree with is not a "lie."

This week on the blog

Divorce and the book of Ezra

Mask mandates, over-policing and tattletale culture

Hyper-partisan snow removal

Rush is gone

Abolishing the national anthem

Esau was unequally yoked

Wearing masks, by itself, will never stop COVID-19

This week on the blog

President Biden put politics over science and people

Why a "Patriot Party" is doomed to failure

The 2011 Republican map, revisited

"I’m really glad I didn’t listen."

Should major parties screen candidates in primary elections?

Random thoughts of the day

A few thoughts on short selling, "GameStonk" and hedge funds

Torba opens up about Parler

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Comments back on

A sadly needed defense of free speech

Do the no-brainers first

There are a wide variety of opinions about COVID-19

Looking back at the impeachment of Bill Clinton

A Stalinist response

Biden's culture war proves he has no interest in unity

This week on the blog

Thoughts on the second Trump impeachment

Duplexes, affordable housing and studentphobia

Moderation = Censorship

Making normal political speech a crime

I am not ashamed of voting for Donald Trump

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Fearing God

A tragic anniversary: 48 years of Roe v. Wade

Limiting the authority of county health officers

A good President, marred by his own whining and grievance

False gods are a cruel master

Contact page removed

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PCO sermon on Luke 11:29-53

Parler, free speech, hypocrisy, collusion and anti-trust

Sad and embarrassing

I am beaming with Hoosier pride

Week of 1/11/2021 and 1/18/2021

A quick note about mask effectiveness

Protect the vulnerable from both COVID-19 and abortion

Being bitter and vindictive does not make you a "hero"

Face masks as a sacrament of a new religion

A sad and embarrassing day for America

Eminent domain and the homeless problem

Is Trump trying to "create" votes?

Shocking news: December and June are not the same!

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Pharmacists are not cashiers

Happy New Year!