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Short break

General principles on tax cuts

Of course there are bad police officers

Who is that other dog?

Let's not read too much into Roy Moore's loss

Everyone knows that God exists.

Should we have believed Emmett Till's accuser?

It is time to ban caller ID spoofing

Quick take on the Alabama Senate race

The sexual revolution

Pastors who embrace "social justice warrior" issues

Funny story

More nanny state silliness on smoking

The free newspaper program is no longer useful

An open letter to my dog

More thoughts on vouchers for private schools

The Pence rule protects women and victimizes no one

Trusting the testimony of liars...

Michael Flynn

If Republicans do not register voters, nothing else matters.

Stop making yourself miserable by fighting all the time

Please grow up and be presidential, Mr. Trump

Roy Moore's critics have contempt for the rule of law

Nothing is at stake, so nothing matters

I have always opposed private school vouchers

Time to get a Christmas tree

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving week

Doug Wilson on the Pence rule

Leviticus 20:1-5

Al Franken's crime is not "alleged."

Thoughts on "Believe The Victim"

The Willie Horton commercial, revisited

The allegations against Roy Moore...

Thoughts on "the gift of singleness"

Taxation is not theft, Part II

The Republican Party is not splintering over Trump

End funding for "All Options"

Marvel Comics' Civil War II was a waste of time

The IDS must remain independent

Trolling telemarketers

NFL players have no legal "right" to "take a knee"

Candidates on demand video

Random thoughts of the day

Reformation Day!

October 30, 1997

More on President Trump's defense of religious freedom

Movie Review: Jigsaw (Saw 8)

Twitter throws away money, loses public relations fight

A blessing from God

A betrayal of conservative principles and American values

Corporate speech

The pathetic decline of Rachel Maddow

In praise of President Trump's action on birth control

Prison rape is an evil that must always be opposed

Harvey Weinstein, rape culture and draining the swamp

Of course there was evil on both sides in World War II

Too many notifications on Twitter

Antifa thugs and criminals deserve to be condemned

You do not have the right to "free" birth control

Revisiting the ObamaCare birth control mandate

Hugh Hefner's life and death: No room for envy

Yes, Indiana University is censoring the anti-KKK mural

President Trump needs to be more disciplined

Racism, race-baiting, and making a real difference

Indiana University gives a gift to the KKK

The neo-Communists are more of a threat than neo-Nazis

When the Left's only principle is "I hate conservatives"

Yes, I have enemies. That was not my choice.

Editing my letter to make it wishy-washy and weak

A quick note on NFL protests

A disproportionate punishment that helps no one

Washington Post = Facepalm

Focus your fire where it matters

Video game memories: Castlevania 64

The fake "scandal" involving Ted Cruz

Video Game memories: Castlevania 2, 3 and 4

Why did evangelical Christians vote for Donald Trump?

Violence is never the solution to a political conflict

Video game memories: Castlevania

Abortion: Abolition or regulation?

Shades of gray on school dress codes

A shameful exploitation of sex trafficking victims

No, Kilroy's was not promoting rape.

Never forget September 11

Rape culture at a so-called "school" in Denver

Hillary Clinton peddles another victim fantasy

Religion and Jesus are not opposed to each other

Paula White is a heretic, a blasphemer and an idolater

Happy Labor Day!

Spoiled much?

Sobriety checkpoints should be illegal

Addressing objections from my pro-abortion critics

Princess Diana was murdered 20 years ago today

Liars need to stop lying about the Woodburn Mural

Hate crime laws should be rejected

Threatening free speech will not stop sex trafficking

Philippians 4:8

A fake "hate crime" that exposes a true evil

Statues and the Second Commandment

Donald Trump is not a prophet and certainly not a messiah

Trump told the truth at his "disastrous" press conference!

Exploiting sex trafficking victims to kill free speech

Elitists will never understand why Donald Trump won

Trump sycophants take the coward's way out

Stop funding a wicked, bloodthirsty abortion mill

You do not have the right to follow the President on Twitter

No one is saying we should eliminate all regulations

A lack of intellectual curiosity at the New York Times

Socialized medicine, death panels and ObamaCare

Ok. You fooled me.

County Council endorses a drastic increase in abortions

A big difference between Trump and Obama

Abandoning due process is not and will never be "justice"

Comment policy change

No corporate welfare for the merchants of death

You cannot get votes from people you hate

Health care will get done. We might as well do it right.

Killing a spider with a twenty pound sledgehammer

Throw the rear view mirror out of the window

Stand your Ground

Shameful hypocrisy by the Herald-Times

How to harden and intensify opposition to Trump


Gluten is not bad for you.

The arrogant, know-it-all federal bureaucracy

Blind support of a political leader is wicked

Responding to Trump vs. overreacting to Trump

Please do not murder little Charlie Gard

What about this issue over here, huh?

Font color on blog posts

President Trump needs to grow up.

Lunch shaming: Punishing children for the failures of adults

It is called "doing his job."

Stop spreading lies about innocent people!

A dishonest attack on anti-abortion activists

Speech is not violence

I nitpick way too much

An important reminder

Comment guidelines posted

Before you judge...

Welcome to the brand new Wordpress blog.

Welcome to the new blog

Console gaming is not dying

Meaningless, hypocritical virtue signaling

Are fidget spinners dangerous?

When is a question not a question? Context matters!

Kevin Durant did nothing wrong

Random video game observations

No corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood!

You do not have a right to my money.

Let's please not spread paranoia needlessly

A shameful smear of Jeff Ellington

The Bloomington City Council funds baby killers again

Men should not compete in women's sports. Period.

Some perspective on the War Between the States

Opinions are not lies, and lies are not opinions

A better alternative to private school vouchers

Sleepy Nano

Why Dennis Prager is wrong about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not a god or messiah

Trolling is not leadership

More shameful corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

Abandoning children to be raped is demonic

Sunday June 04, 2017

1 Corinthians 15:51-57

Random thoughts of the day

We need to think carefully about being "tough on crime"

How about showing a little respect?

Memorial Day 2017

With government money comes government strings

Disqus comments

Meat is not murder

Will "christians" finally admit Trump's character flaws?

Random observation

Dorothy Granger should recuse herself

Of course there should be limits on home rule

Thoughts on racism and criminal justice reform

Sunday May 21, 2017

I have a new hat

Denigrating fathers to celebrate Mothers Day?

President Trump's temperament continues to be a concern

Planned Parenthood's application

I graduated from high school 25 years ago today

Martin Luther on Marriage

1 Corinthians 15:22-26

If you are defending, you are losing

1 John 2:19

More thoughts the Facebook comment system

Steuben County Republican Party breakfast

Donald Trump and "opening up" libel laws

It's not a Muslim ban

We need to stop looking for "fighters"

Protecting special interests, not public safety

Pull toy Tera

Vaping, abortion and homosexual marriage

The absurdity of bashing all Millennials

What did you think was going to happen?

City council tramples on property rights again

Helicopter parenting ruins children

Speaking against a ban on e-cigarettes

Charles Murray, hysterical Leftists and the police response

If it pleases the crown...

Never forget the massacre in Waco

I am proudly ignorant

Why is United Airlines beating up their passengers?

Easter 2017

That McDonald's "hot coffee" lawsuit

Using straw men and non sequiturs to argue against marriage

Trump supporters need to stop whining about 2016!

Appeals to emotion make bad law

Know your role and shut your mouth

Look at this no good dirty hippie

Why are we helping the Islamic State?

Policy disagreements matter, President Trump

No, taxation is not theft.

Tomi Lahren, abortion and constitutional conservatism

Mike Pence should be respected for honoring his wife

Three years ago today

SB 322 is a threat to our liberty

Matthew 20:1-16


Waves hitting the beach

Haughty arrogance and hypocrisy on free speech

Is speaking in tongues a requirement for salvation?

Random thoughts of the day

Testicular cancer: Twenty years later

Of course hiding AIDS should be illegal

Sunday March 19, 2017

Speaking against a ban on e-cigarettes

The value of shame

All government is force

Do not ignore the warning signs of testicular cancer

Sex offenders, Facebook and the Supreme Court

Quick note

Stop posting lies on social media!

Throwback Thursday

No, opposition to abortion is not hatred of women

Why do I have to root for the hometown team?

Of course we have enemies!

Old Testament observation

Legitimately scary

We simple mortals...

Politics should be about principle, not blind rage.

What is a legitimate question? When is a question fake?

We must support principle, not personalities.

My enemies continue to lie about me

Saturday February 25, 2017

Waah!! Waah!! He did it tooooooo!! He did it tooooooo!!

"Safe Spaces" and "check your privilege"

Rioting Leftists bring victory to Donald Trump

Two-faced hypocrites attack Republicans serving the poor

Omar Abdel-Rahman is dead!

Another step toward a police state?

Republicans should not defend everything Trump says

The limits of electronic speech

No, federal employees should not be "at will"

Free speech, freedom of the press and the "rally for choice"

Life is too short to be angry all the time

Protect the innocent and helpless

Nuclear weapons

Nobody believes in tolerance as a virtue

Put the bong down: An open letter to PETA

No one is opposed to obstructionism

Failing in the right direction

Submitting to Holy Scripture in our immigration policy

Closer to midnight?

Psalm 11

Shut your mouth and mind your own business

I am pleased with President Donald Trump

Partisan ranting by the tax-funded public library

Votes for Donald Trump do not justify rioting and terrorism

Separate marriage and state?

No, it is not OK to punch Nazis

Was bombing the Nazi death camps possible?

Ephesians 6:1-4

Looking back at the 2017 Rally for Life

Throwback Thursday

A flaw in the Facebook comments plugin

"Alternative facts"

Thoughts on the 44th anniversary of Roe Vs Wade

The (at least temporary) end of #NeverTrump

Responding to my critics

Thoughts on the Facebook comment system on HTO

Five years ago today

Russia did not "hack the election."

How could people be so offensive?

A fake "scandal" believed by stupid people

Takeaways from the "hate crime" in Chicago

Sermons should not always be "the shortest path to Jesus"

Ugly comment box

As the king goes, so go the people

It never even entered the mind of God

Star Wars retrospective: Revenge of the Sith

Video game memories: Paperboy

Social media lynch mobs

We need heroic characters

Thoughts on learning to cook

Video Game memories : Final Fantasy

Video game memories: Defender of the Crown

Final post of 2016