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Thanksgiving 2019


The silly "Russian asset" meme

An obviously unconstitutional "law" in Connecticut

The real reason the legacy media hates social media

A few thoughts about impeachment

This week on the blog


Stop groveling before murderous Communists

Please oppose nanny state and big brother

An honest mistake is not violence

Stop feeding the trolls

Democrats' culture war against Christians

This week on the blog

Why we need the Life Chain

Politicians hate social media

Sometimes, stuff happens and nobody is to blame

This week on the blog

A few thoughts on Syria

"I has a stick!"

Quiet week coming

Good ends and questionable means

A few thoughts on Donald Trump and Ukraine

An overapplication of the "initiation of force" principle

We must protect human rights of prisoners

Stop mutilating the law for political ends

Proven wrong, Leftists double down on lies

"Cancel Culture" and MAD

This is why we can't have nice things

That fake Clinton quote

The idolatry of "Always Trump"

This week on the blog

Random Thoughts of the Day

Nobody wants "endless war."

An unconstitutional nanny-state overreach

We need nuance and perspective on Trump

Align ourselves to His standard

Eco-fact of the day

Missing the point on free speech and retaliation

Throwback Thursday 9/12/2019

Twitter creates an impossible standard

Either the standard applies or it does not.

Dealing with a flood of hate comments


A few points about slavery in the Bible

Am I racist against myself?

Celebrating death is bad. So is wishing for death.

Expanding racism and advocating violence

There was never "danger" at the Farmer's Market

Happy Labor Day!

The hypocrisy of the Pharisees

Sinking deeper

Ponzi scheme

Supporting capital punishment is not hypocrisy

Focus the criticism on reality

Where I stand on Donald Trump

False accusations enable real white supremacists

The real problem at the Farmer's Market

This week on the blog


The deplorable treatment of people in prisons and jails

Throwback Thursday 8/22/2019

Should we have more privacy for political donors?

Chris Cuomo, "Fredo" and basic human decency

We should not have a politically segregated economy

This week on the blog

I might be overthinking it

We need some perspective on violent crime

A few thoughts on purity culture

The danger of "red flag" laws

Twitter bans memes under false pretenses

Did the Clintons murder Jeffrey Epstein?

Revisiting the MGTOW movement

Rights not in conflict

Crying wolf all the time

Thoughts on the Farmers Market and a cowardly mayor

Personal character vs. public policy is a false choice

Beagle memories 1

Fifteen years with Nano

Thoughts on last week's county council meeting

Individualism is not the answer

Following up on my letter to the editor

Farmer's market vandalism

The Liar Angeles Times

This week on the blog

My speech to the county council

Please stop trolling, Mr. President

MGTOW and God's sexual order

Men are not women

A reasonable transportation plan

In defense of nationalism

This week on the blog

No one really believes in "equal pay"

A bad decision that erases historical facts

A nation divided against itself cannot stand

Do you need to go to college?

Politics as war and enmity

Actions vs. Words

David French's lack of humility and grace

Another "nanny state" expansion of federal power

Blood in the streets

No, we should not "cancel" student loan debt

No handouts for "All Options" or Planned Parenthood!


Trump and Kim Jong Un

Out into the rain

Lawyer up


Let's be more careful with Holocaust and Nazi analogies

A post from 2011

Congress must act to eliminate qualified immunity

Free speech preserves civil rights and protects minorities

Flag burning and free speech

Comments closed

The truth actually does matter

From "pro-choice" to pro-abortion

Sorry, Trump cult: Limited government is not Communism

You do not get to have it both ways

Congress must reclaim its trade authority

A cult mentality looking for heretics

Flag burning, revisited

Trump needs a sense of proportion

General principles on military intervention

Universal morality

Get over it, snowflakes. You won. Move on.

Video Game Memories: Majora's Mask

Anonymity and vindictiveness

Slurring my speech

Social media is not the radio

Did you ever believe in the cause?

Pro-choice vs. pro-abortion

Embrace federalism to enhance civility

Fearmongering #FakeNews

A collection of catch phrases

Quick thought on the Mueller probe

Why do we love vigilantes in movies?

Reforming the felony murder rule

When should we judge and not judge?

Memorial Day 2019

Power needed

Name Change

May 26, 2001

Jim Banks on the "Equality Act"

Harvard Law embraces a racist attack on civil liberties

Revisiting the simplistic "all or nothing" mentality

Some vaccinations should be mandatory

Is this really a serious argument?

Abortion and exceptions for the hard cases

Sidewalk counseling and an egomaniac politician

"All Options" should not get corporate welfare

Going on a walk

The Facebook purge, revisited

Traffic impeding devices

TDS kills nuance

Morally reprehensible behavior by the Chicago Cubs

Vigilantes are not heroes

Wired differently

Williamson on Milo

Revisiting cremation and burial

Throwback Thursday

Twenty years

Free speech is not incitement

Facebook is no longer a platform

Thoughts on 1 Corinthians chapter 6

Fun work story

What does freedom mean to me?

"Everyone I disagree with is a Nazi!"

Creating an unnecessary backlash

God created both, right?

Richard Lugar, RIP

Politics is nothing but compromise

WordPress folders

Ilhan Omar is not in danger from words

Total loyalty to any man is idolatry

Wikileaks and thinking for yourself

Does Ilhan Omar have a legitimate point?

"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world..."

Easter 2019

Repent of this wicked idolatry

The miracle of Good Friday

A preemptive justification for political violence

Thinking better

Matt Walsh and Biblical arguments

Star Trek

School dress codes

Proverbs 3:5-6

Some thoughts on VAWA

Using government to keep the little guy down

The savage brutality of prison life


Quick thought on Proverbs 7

The inevitable result of ObamaCare

Obviously God wants our leaders to be of good moral character

Let's be clear about what "whataboutism" means

How do I open this can?

Jerry Falwell Jr. continues to clown himself

Movie recommendation

Video game memories: Lemmings

How would someone challenge Donald Trump in the primary?

Congress was right to vote against the "national emergency"

"A bartender is a Congresswoman!"

Can we have a little professionalism please?

How do we deal with white supremacists?

Dangerous and tyrannical

A 2020 primary challenge?

Trying to look erudite?

"All or nothing" is simplistic and intellectually lazy

22 years ago today

Voting age

Abolishing township boards is foolish

A radical, economy-destroying extension of liability

Random thoughts of the day

Pete Buttigieg is a liar

Bible verse of the day

The need for unity in the pro-life movement

Why is the New York Times covering for domestic terrorists?

"If you aren't with us, then you are against us."

Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Hate crimes are illegal. There is no reason to feel "unsafe."

This week on the blog

Gaining followers through dishonesty

"A decision made out of raw fear"

Making a list and checking it twice

Clearing up misconceptions about Romans 13

Morally depraved

Blast from the past

Embracing misogyny to "own the cons"

Conspiracy theories and plausibility

Defending Democrats

Let's not get overly excited over an innocent mistake

Jussie Smollett is 100% pure evil

Fabricating "misrepresentations" that never happened

This week on the blog

Nano is a good dog

Local elections should be decided locally

Video Game Memories: The Lost Vikings

Fighting sexual abuse in the church

The Fake News media is the enemy of the people

Republicans must oppose Donald Trump's abuse of power

Bible verse of the day

Protecting people from telemarketers

Common sense safety precautions to protect women

Democrats are gaslighting on the food and beverage tax

What should be the consequence of decades-old misbehavior?

It is time for the Herald-Times to dump Facebook comments

Judicial oligarchy fabricating a brand new Constitution

Police brutality and excessive force


Striking the right "tone" in politics

Thoughts on the impending death of Google Plus

Lessons we need to learn from the Covington scandal

Nursing a 21 year old grudge is sad and pathetic

Movie Review: The Syndrome

Tenth Amendment

When does taxation become theft?

Some thoughts on that Gillette commercial

Partisan hackery is not principled opposition to racism

46 years of legalized baby-slaughter

Donald Trump's personal character


Indiana must not pass "hate crime" legislation

Never make yourself into a meme

A deeper look at Jonah and the whale

Consent is not enough

Hypocrisy and hyperpartisanship at the Herald-Times

Free advice

The need for simple, easily understandable rules

Why does it have to be "all or nothing" with Trump?

How should we deal with identity politics?

I've fallen and I can't get up!

Hillary Clinton's political career is dead!

Come to the 2019 Rally for Life

Video games and the demise of masculinity

Pro-Life arguments and the "M" word

It is time to abolish women's sports