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An agenda for the Republican Congress

Credibility is the most important weapon we have against disease

The entire point

Free speech, private companies and government influence

Christmas Break 2022

Conservative praise of Elon Musk is misguided

We still need a sense of proportion about COVID-19

Todd Young betrays conservatives and Christians

Donald Trump, terminating the Constitution, and the 2020 election

America First means the United Nations is our enemy

Donald Trump, Nick Fuentes and an obvious weakness

Why is Twitter sending "pornography" to users without their consent?

Pro-choice about what?

The Right is about to have a "Basket of Deplorables" moment

Fear of hypocrisy is a poor rationalization for policy

How to actually fight and win

Trump’s biggest weakness

A total disavowal of Donald Trump?

The importance of Thanksgiving

The problems with Donald Trump's campaign announcement

The era of "family values" is over

Revisiting Internet secrecy and the depravity that flows from it

"Masking was a symbol of obedience..."

2022 election: It is time for Republicans to dump Trump!

Comment Guidelines

George Tiller murdered - an act of terrorism

Comment Guidelines: A Reminder

Looking back at "deaths of despair"

Elon Musk will implement MORE censorship on Twitter? Really?

Life is not a binary choice

The City Council wages a pro-abortion culture war

PayPal's scheme to steal money from users

It never even entered the mind of God

Technophobia is not a sound policy position

Yes, the slope actually is slippery

Satire is not and will never be misinformation

October 19 speech to the city council

Kanye West and the idolatry of celebrity

Nobody owns your vote, no matter what is at stake

A necessary standard

Well, what is YOUR plan?

Romney was right

The city council should not fund abortions

Donald Trump's victim mentality

The Bulwark's wasted potential

Why the Life Chain is important

Transgenderism and objective truth

How government becomes god

The fraudulent "compassion" of Mayor Hamilton

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Unjustified bitterness at Queen Elizabeth

We cannot troll our way to a solution on immigration

Sin as judgment

Yes, we need a national abortion ban

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Mayor Hamilton creates a law enforcement crisis

When pronouns serve as a broad phylactery

The corrosive influence of identity politics in Hollywood

The "new normal" after COVID-19

The rhetoric of Flight 93 and Mega-MAGA

The 2020 election is over. It will not be reversed. Move on.

We should not allow Bloomington to become San Francisco

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Joe Biden's deplorable behavior on PPP loans

Republicans, Trumpism and limited government

Vaccine Mandates and COVID-19

Irresponsible use of funds by MCCSC

In defense of Liz Cheney

Vicious sadism by the Libertarian Party

The boogeyman of Christian nationalism

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The United States must retaliate for the attack on Salman Rushdie

The shameful behavior of Feed Store Beer

Christians are the real counterculture

The holes in Indiana's pro-life law

Remembering the evil of Communism

Indiana's surprisingly good abortion law

Alex Jones is a vile cult leader and liar

Nazis hate me, and I am fine with that

Congress should restrict, not expand, presidential authority

Forget Trump. Civil service reform makes sense.

Christians and respect for authority

Can the culture of death be fixed?

Yes, monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease

No newsletters this week

Is it time for younger leadership?

The attack on pregnancy centers is pro-abortion and anti-choice

Corrupting biology and language for "trans rights"

Threatening suicide is the tactic of an abuser

Who should admit they were wrong about COVID-19?

Exodus in a nutshell and the need to be thankful

Chanting the F word is better than gaslighting

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Two bad principles, and bad behavior

Erasing women is not progress

Twerking does not advance policy

Vigilantism at best, terrorism at worst

Pro-abortion mob disrupts Fourth of July parade

Professionalism and maturity are conservative values

Eric Greitens, overreactions and uncivil rhetoric

An evil rebellion ended, but a battle begins

Funding Planned Parenthood has always been a farce

Vaccine deniers demand vaccine mandates

The Bible is the best answer to transgenderism

Pride and public perversion

Apple is lying to their customers

Lockdowns made viral infections worse

A fraudulent "argument" against free speech

End the corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

No, Lauren Boebert did not "threaten" President Biden

No more mask bullying. I am done.

The end of the Herald-Times opinion page

Lottery penalty raises questions

Gun control rhetoric: An open letter to President Biden

Schools must respect parental authority

More churches should Excommunicate pro-abortion politicians

Young teen girls should not be TikTok celebrities

Joe Biden wants high gas prices

The constant self-sabotage of the Elite

On electoral mandates and winners overreaching

Has Donald Trump been good for the Republican Party?

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Loyalty to Christ should come before everything else

The insufferable scolds of the Left

The lives ruined by our anti-family culture

Abortion policy and the Bible

An unprecedented attack on the rule of law

I trust doctors more than bureaucrats

No corporate welfare for baby killers

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The target of censorship is not Nazis, but Christians

COVID-19 fearmongers should apologize

Doobies for Democrats?

Elon Musk, Twitter and co-belligerents

"Shut up or pay the price."

Pure evil written in frosting

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Can anyone address an argument head on?

A false alarm on free speech

Remembering Waco, 29 years later

More on masks and buses

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It is heresy and apostasy to misgender God

Balance is important

Documented facts are not conspiracy theories

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Are we still on the "incitement" canard?

King of Kings, ruler of all creation

An automatic disqualification

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Twitter joins the Flat Earth Society

The fiasco at the Oscars

End Bloomington Transit's mask mandate

"Sexual liberation" was always a hoax

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Do not make Daylight Saving permanent. Abolish it.

The Left's war against education

Enough with the COVID-19 panic porn

In country music you just can't say the F word

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It's OK to be Russian

A tactic used by abusers

Hate crime laws are based on lies

A new shibboleth

Division, humility and unity in the Church

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Monroe County's mask mandate was all about politics

Hate crime laws should be abolished

"Hate crime" laws: a dangerous step toward totalitarianism

Yes, government is good and restrains evil

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Bank accounts, cancel culture and government benefits

Of course the New York Times defamed Sarah Palin

Can the culture of death be fixed?

When the "fact checkers" are liars

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Russia, Ukraine and the ability to see nuance

Take the politicians off welfare

Balancing the budget on the backs of the poor

County government should be honest about mask mandates

Red Herrings and Whataboutism are not valid arguments

Cancel culture should be SuperRare

Be humble before God's judgment and discipline

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Censorship does not work

Mercy cannot exist without wrath

City government's poor planning puts everyone in danger

Sarah Palin was right about Death Panels

The Rally for Life, face masks and red herrings

Cut twice, measure after cutting

The Indiana Legislature should protect girls' sports

We should not dismiss the toxic effects of hate

Understanding the roots of Trumpism

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Defending opponents and criticizing allies

COVID-19 has spawned competing cults

Christians stand for the voiceless in Bloomington

When racism is used to defend police brutality

COVID-19 is not a behaviorally spread disease

The bloodbath after Christmas

The rapid decline of the Herald-Times

A simplistic "question" and a political agenda

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Suspending Marjorie Taylor-Greene was an act of virtue signaling

I was wrong. Vaccinations for COVID-19 should NOT be mandatory!

Abortion attacks the design and image of God

Insulting the President should not be a death penalty offense

Who is responsible for political division over COVID-19?

To save free speech, we must destroy the "safety" hoax

You are not a victim of your body

Leftists rage at a self-evident truth

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