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Random thoughts from my Twitter

The Guilt Stare

The danger of government-mandated “fairness”

Leroy the redneck reindeer

Looking to 2019

The Outrage Mob and "shame" culture

Debating online vs. debating in person

College speech wars

Right wing "outrage mobs"

The problem with Digital Rights Management

Hebrews 12:1-2

The implications of being a "publisher" or a "platform"

Put the bong down: PETA becomes the language police

Christians should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all

Good riddance to porn on Tumblr

Twitter was wrong to ban Laura Loomer

The need for a coherent energy policy


Donald Trump is a hammer. He thinks everything is a nail.

A false equivalence on tear gas

Young earth creationism and courage

Twitter bans truth and mandates superstition

"I hope you do not have daughters"

Snow on trees is beautiful

George H. W. Bush

A personal story

Christians are not hypocrites for supporting Donald Trump

We should be more invested in local government

President Trump was wrong to force Jeff Sessions to resign

Congressional districts are not gerrymandered

Should Republicans stop running for office in Monroe County?

Romans 13:1-4

Thanksgiving 2018

Pregnant on Campus Banquet

An absurd argument

Um, apathy? What apathy?

Taking a short break from blogging

Veterans' Day 2018

Trump clowns himself on Twitter again

Triggered by a MAGA hat?

Simple-minded arguments are obnoxious

Vote for accountability and transparency

An utterly ridiculous smear of Trump supporters

We should not silently accept censorship by Big Tech

A ridiculous overreaction to an innocent mistake


No one is being erased. Stop screeching.


How a bill becomes a law

Government command and control of the economy

Pregnant on Campus

Transgender activism and the end of feminism

My journey from #NeverTrump to #MAGA

Donald Trump needs to grow up.

"Joe Donnelly will say anything to keep his job."

All downhill from there!

An important lesson from an outrageous case

Hate crimes

Overplaying their hand on Kavanaugh

Building straw men does not help victims

This tells me all I need to know

Comments notification

Are you really this stupid, Mrs. Clinton?

Dishonest rhetoric and unhinged rants

This tells you all you need to know

Do we really need to regulate scooters?

School vouchers, revisited: See? I told you so!

The radical Left is reaping the whirlwind with Trump

A petulant attitude combined with technological ignorance

Is outrage culture really as bad as it seems?

A needed plot twist

Christian libertarians have a flawed view of government

Donnelly is not there for Hoosiers

Do not just vote straight ticket!

Domestic violence

"Why do you want to be..."

Building straw men at the Huffington Post

The time that I committed deicide

Facebook is still censoring the Republican Party

What is wrong with you people?

We should not pit virtues against each other

Exposing a Satanic conspiracy to normalize pedophilia

The Republican Party is the only realistic path to change

Brushing aside Republican accomplishments

Of course Republicans should nominate anti-abortion judges

WordPress banning is strange

Not even close to the same thing

Obviously Donald Trump's advisors try to reign him in

Emotions should be subordinate to your will

Running water is so pretty

Jeff Sessions is not an anti-Trump conspirator

Submitting to the proper spheres of authority

Snobbery is the best way to campaign for Trump

The "personal stake" fallacy

Happy Labor Day!

Bible verses on Biblical Masculinity

PETA censors blasphemy against Gaia

Take the politicians off welfare

The Supreme Court should never decide policy!

Undeniable humanity

Never apologize to the outrage mob?

Is Facebook a natural monopoly?

Trey Hollingsworth's taxpayer-funded campaign mailings

Should President Trump face a primary challenge?

Your entertainment choices are not that important

Indiana must not pass a law against "hate crimes"

Omarosa and the President's ego


Missing the point on free speech

Our culture needs Biblical Masculinity

Wise advice

Can we all stop panicking over everything?

What is township government?

Ownership of Twitter accounts

Campaign business cards

Denying a platform to despicable liar Alex Jones

AFA is right and Holcomb is wrong on "Hate Crimes"

Voting for local office based on national issues

Man up.

Facebook should not police "fake news"

Scott Tibbs for Perry Township Board

The mob will never be satisfied

Good, bad and neutral triggering

Missing the forest for the twigs

John Hamilton's lack of sensitivity to the opioid crisis

Trump, Russia, and election hacking

What are the limits of civility?

"Shadow banning" on Facebook is a terrible idea

Triggered by a baseball cap?

Democrats do not take full transparency seriously

Of course we should overturn Roe v. Wade

I am a conservative, not an anti-Leftist

Civility begins with you

Clarifying "bipartisanship is a fraud and a hoax"

A Mary Sue villain

My speech to the county council on Tuesday

Transparency is needed in township government

Wikipedia pranksters and Google searches

Civility begins with assuming good motives

No corporate welfare for child abuse enablers

This is how you got Trump

Sexual deviants always demand approval, never "tolerance"

There is only one path to salvation

Do you really care about victims of sexual abuse?


Bloomington's Planned Parenthood enables sexual predators

Self-centered egomaniacs put themselves first

Donald Trump, North Korea, and learning to take a joke

Good riddance to a so-called "judge"

A draconian anti-speech policy challenged

Refuting lies about the "strong families" language

Fighting terrorism is not a violation of "free speech"

"AmyMek" and irresponsible vendettas

A real lack of maturity

Pardon power as a liberty preserving safety valve

Post tags

A Biblical case against racism

More thoughts on the "strong families" plank

More on social media lynch mobs

A slow motion suicide by bitterness

The NFL makes nobody happy

We need to restore the foundation of Biblical marriage

More idiotic celebrity worship by conservatives

Why is Facebook protecting criminals?

A very sad reminder

We should strengthen the GOP platform, not weaken it.

I like this song

Bitter primaries make it difficult to unify

Thoughts on feces-posting and trolling

When washing your hands is a bad thing

The Hamas "protest" is a terrorist attack

Royal wedding

Christians should hate the things that God hates

It was a bad idea in 2016. It is still a bad idea.

Professionalism is not oppression

An anti-competitive practice

A very silly environmentalist meme

Celebrity worship is anti-conservative

Dear news media: We have never liked you

26 years...

Reality check on the Iran deal

Donald Trump and the campaign finance witch hunt

1 Corinthians 15:19-26

Joe Donnelly and the murder of Alfie Evans

The Old Gray Lady becomes a Dirty Old Man

We should expect better from our county commissioners

Reefer Madness with superheroes

A necessary change to Twitter's reply system

Telling the truth about liars

The Handmaid's Tale

Celebrity worship

When fighting fire with fire burns the village down

A funny meme and a terrible philosophy

Leviticus 23:22

The cult of Donald Trump needs to go away forever

The best President we have ever had?

Here's an idea: Be the bigger person!

Jonathan Chait is campaigning hard for Donald Trump

Copying men is not progress for women

A clumsy, irrational approach to "hate groups" on Facebook

Remembering Waco, 25 years later

Headed toward a well-deserved death

Should social media be allowed to censor opinions?

April 19

Pictures of naked women are not "journalism"

Is Facebook a platform or a publisher?

The repulsive dishonesty of The Atlantic

Quick note about Facebook

Addressing some anti-gun arguments

Video game memories: Final Fantasy VI

Stop complaining about Richard Mourdock

Evangelical Christians do not care about children?

Crooked Hillary needs to look in the mirror

"How could you criticize a child?"

How about a little gratitude?

Dennis Prager is wrong, but at least he is consistent

Are you posting on YouTube without a license?

Why does it matter where our rights come from?

Clear backpacks

Four years ago today

There was no “data breach” at Facebook

Hero of the Warsaw ghetto uprising dies

Big Tech, social media and free speech

Sex is reality

Defending the Cemetery of the Innocents

Facebook data mining

Three reasons why accusations of racism are self-defeating

Quick update to the rules

A terrible omnibus spending bill

Children are a blessing from the Lord

Is Conor Lamb a liar or a coward?

Mandatory acceptance of transgenderism

The self-destructive sin of bitterness

Please oppose President Trump's tax increase

Making my website archives mobile-friendly

Thoughts on meme culture and the legacy media

Video Game Memories: Super Mario 64

I never realized slaves had it so good!

Police are not and should not be soldiers

Is it time to raise the age of consent?

NRA money

Not fair

Thoughts on Twitter's "bot purge"

Stop lying about pro-lifers: An open letter to Dana Milbank

Do not fund Planned Parenthood!

Gun control and dehumanizing political opponents

More on Indiana's congressional district map

Waco 25

Abolitionism, incrementalism, and saving lives

Armed guards in schools?

Painkillers and opioid addiction

A very silly editorial

Our problem is not masculinity. It is rebellion against God.

Are we living in the Idiocracy?

Police militarization and effective protest tactics

What is going on with Facebook?

Fake "christians" betraying the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Standing against the militarization of police

The nanny state swallows all

What does it mean to be pro-life?

Chillax, dude!

Joe Donnelly's repeated pro-abortion votes

Indiana's Congressional districts are not gerrymandered

It accomplishes nothing to knock over a straw man

I am ashamed to be a Christian

A dark and sinister agenda against the First Amendment

We need perspective on government shutdowns

My speech at the 2018 Rally for Life

Mindless political pandering

The principles of civility are not partisan

Random thoughts of the day

Millennials are ruining...

Federalism, the Tenth Amendment and CHIP

Christian music: Humility honors God

Of course President Trump has the authority to end DACA


On the 45th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Matthew 6:26

Historical lesson

"Death with dignity" is also known as murder

The "morality" of man vs. the morality of God

6 years ago today

Yes, abortion kills a baby

Throwing cold water on "Oprah 2020"

No, Trump is not too mentally unstable to be President

As usual, the cover-up is worse than the crime

A serious lack of priorities

This is not about what is legal. This is about right and wrong.

Can we be a little more organized?

President Trump needs to stop trolling on Twitter

Principles, ethics and civility in 2018 and beyond

Come to the 2018 Rally for Life

More thoughts on being a former #NeverTrump voter

The problem we have is the overall governing philosophy

We need to scrap this entire conversation about consent

Killing a spider with a 20 pound sledge hammer

The timing of the food and beverage tax vote