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Two cults with mutually exclusive beliefs join forces

Reforms to prevent voter fraud

Dank memes and RINO schemes

Ex Post Facto lawsuits make poor public policy

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Did John Hamilton break the law?

Merry Christmas!

An anti-mask man beclowns himself

Christmas week

I am too busy having compassion for victims

Trusting church leaders in a pandemic

Another note about Seminary Square Park

The cult of COVID-19 allows no dissent

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The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 9

The end of the Second Amendment?

Bloomington's shameful treatment of the homeless

Two sides of the same worthless coin

The Jordan River

Biological facts are not "violence"

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Eminent domain

Thoughts on the 2020 election

Three more from PC UMC

Blowing up the contract for political gain

Do not forget this bedrock truth

Christians should honor Joe Biden as President

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More from PC UMC

Off to the woods

Thanksgiving 2020

Jonah, Ninevah and having a sense of proportion

An honest examination of COVID-19 fatality rates

No politician "owns" your vote. You do.

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No, Bush did not "lie" about WMD in Iraq

The cult of COVID-19 declares me a heretic

Punishing children for the sake of Political Correctness

Video game memories: Diddy Kong Racing

More from the cult of COVID-19

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Proposed reforms to prevent voter fraud

Mayor Hamilton's attack on the First Amendment must end

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Adam ruins SWAT

Not all police shootings are equal

Overthinking it again

Ramming through more Traffic Impeding Devices

A quick note about today

Free speech and privacy at early voting

Submission and leadership


The death of parody and satire, Part III

The Supreme Court is not a super-legislature!

Do you really think 62 million people are evil?

Ben Shapiro presents the case for Donald Trump

Silencing your own voice to own the libs

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Metal Gear

Local elections are the most important elections

A few thoughts on Columbus Day

Feeding trolls

Trump and the F word

Walsh on Columbus Day

Endless wars?

COVID-19 survival rates

Trump is right. We should not be afraid of COVID-19.

Theater vs. Mitigation

No, Donald Rainwater is not pro-life

The number that Trump must never stop pounding

Democrats are responsible for their own policies

County government meeting times should change

The Campus River?

Please be cooperative about the mask rules

Eric Holcomb, COVID-19 and the Libertarian revolt

The real problem with the Breonna Taylor raid

Democrats in county government are arrogant and greedy

Accountability is needed for COVID-19 lies

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Over-criminalization and mask mandates

Political norms and the Supreme Court

Submission as a prerequisite to leadership

Donald Trump as a transactional politician

Quick thought on Genesis 15

How to fix the Supreme Court

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Old Reliable

The death of parody and satire, Part II

Donald Trump, bloody hands and the pro-life vote

Roll call votes are public information, Part II

Dog beds and cat beds

Treating COVID-19 seriously, without panic

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Roll call votes are public information

There is no such thing as a Flight 93 election

Party loyalty vs. marital fidelity

Nancy Pelosi thinks the rules are for the little people

You can be a good person and vote for Joe Biden

Insanity from both pro-mask people and anti-mask people

Happy Labor Day!

A question

In defense of Never Trump

An open letter to YouTube: End copyright trolling!

Donald Trump's ego is a problem that we cannot hide from

Wearing masks: Can't we all just get along?

Of course intent matters when judging actions

Just wear the mask!

Is Donald Trump the QAnon President?

Democrats nominate Kamala Harris to be President

Two questions on crowd limits

Donald Trump, unreasonable "conservatives" and QAnon

Quick note on conscience

Civil disobedience, COVID-19 and the church

Revisiting excessive force and police militarization

More silly social media censorship

Quick note on masks

Establishing a direction for the conservative movement

Looking back at the Hiroshima bombing

Crossing the line into cynicism

Using jealousy to manipulate a Beagle

Wear a mask, but do not enforce it with guns

Republicans must destroy the cult of personality

A life taken far too soon

Tearing down statues and Romans 3:10-12

Shifting the Overton Window on foreign policy

Various thoughts on the Communist Virus

Understanding policing and white privilege

Trump must embrace professionalism

Bloomington's history of racism

Just say "NO" to a national mask mandate!

Cancel Culture is bad for the country

Needless schism over wearing masks

Proverbs 6:16-19

What is the true end goal of Black Lives Matter?

There is no forgiveness in the Cult of Wokeness

"Woke" Leftists seek to abolish all acting


What is up with all of the attacks on Parler?

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Hawaiian Pie

Qualified Immunity, as it exists today, must be abolished

Creating a culture of free speech

Fifteen years ago today

Right-wing cancel culture and a stupid TikTok video

Twitter's silly censorship of President Trump

Police brutality and rioting are both evil

Yes, Karen, the intention does matter!

Abiding in Christ

What is hypocrisy?

Visitor posts on Facebook

Targeted by the woke mob for trying to please the mob

Totally consumed with hate for Donald Trump

A timeless truth from II John

Hatred of Donald Trump creates an illogical blame game

The death of parody and satire

Having the right attitude about wearing masks

An unfair attack on Democrats by other Democrats

They are without excuse

When snowflakes run our institutions

More dishonesty in the Farmer's Market debate

"Silence is Violence" is a cult

Making sure all lives matter

The total lack of charity in our politics

Donald Trump and his photo op at a church

The danger of rewriting Section 230

No, we should not de-fund the police

End the corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

A win and a loss in the 2020 primary

Donald Trump's dishonorable treatment of Jeff Sessions

Nothing can justify those riots in Minneapolis

Shocking news about COVID-19

The mob will never be satisfied, so stop encouraging it

Donald Trump's depraved behavior on Twitter

We know how George Floyd died

Some reassuring news for parents

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Looking back at the "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons

Newest Prairie Chapel sermon

The context of rejecting masks

All of life is risk, including responding to COVID-19

Memorial Day 2020

Opening up comments

This has never been lives against the stock market

Even war has rules. Politics should too.

The unfair copyright process at YouTube

Applying the Bill Clinton standard to Michael Flynn

Joe Biden demands rights he would deny to college students

A fishing expedition and a hostile work environment

Righteous Lot?

Make a choice

You do not have a "right" to tax money

Unfair attacks are not a good argument for lockdowns

Thoughts on II Peter chapter 1

Can we please recognize the real costs of COVID-19 policy?

Please have charity in analyzing COVID-19 predictions

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Hollingsworth has compassion for economic hardship

COVID-19 will not be solved by unfair attacks on character

No candidate "deserves" my vote

David French and attacks on personal character

1 Thessalonians Chapter 4

Should Christians want evil people to be punished?

This week on the blog

Please do not drink bleach or believe Fake News

Can we please stop assuming bad motives?

God hates lies, so Christians must also hate lies

Since when does "freedom" require theft from others?

1 Peter 2:19-20

Obviously Hollingsworth is right about opening the economy

Quarantine absurdities undermine government authority

Stop covering up for China's Communist government!

Federal and state power

No trust in WHO

The sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden

On unreasonable searches and the Fourth Amendment

Hysteria over hydroxychloroquine

A few thoughts on Hebrews 9

Do not forget true evil during the coronavirus crisis


Communist Virus coverup!

Mayor de Blasio puts politics over caring for the sick

The Biblical principle of submitting to authority

The death cult marches on

Angry at Anthony Fauci?

What action should be taken on "wet markets" in China?

Not unfair at all

I told you so

Civil disobedience, Romans 13 and the Communist Virus

6 years ago today

Revisiting the federal "anti-lynching" law

Shamefully dishonest coronavirus propaganda

Respecting the civil magistrate's authority

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Telling the truth is not racist

More thoughts on the Communist Virus

Some good news

Is the Wuhan Virus a judgment from God?

No need for an "anti-lynching" law

We all need to have a sense of proportion

2 Chronicles 7:13-14

Serious repercussions for China

Video Game Memories: Chrono Trigger

Two angles to government's coronavirus response

Joe Biden is a liar and a moral degenerate

False accusations and extreme intolerance

Coronavirus and authority

Thoughts on the coronavirus outbreak

The tiresome obsession with trivia and simple mistakes

No redemption and no forgiveness in the PC cult

Schooner Creek Farm and uncompromising moral certainty

Hysteria and dishonesty are not effective arguments

The impending normalization of polyamory and cuckolding

A few thoughts on Campaign Finance Reform

Update from CCFL

Democrats go all-in on defending infanticide

A quick note about comments

A Bernie Sanders nomination would be bad for America

Bloomberg’s disqualifying trait

We must oppose a Patronage Tax and a Patronage Department

SWAT and Stone

Ohio State University must be punished!

Will Christians submit to Jesus Christ as Lord?

Is it too late to stop Bernie Sanders?

Hebrews 12:6-8

Wisdom from President Reagan

I am proud to be a bigot!

Video Game Memories: Super Mario Bros. 3

Who are Democrats really against normalizing?

Beagle memories

A tribute to Rush Limbaugh

Patronage is the real reason for a "climate tax"

Crowded primaries and a dedicated base

Mittens votes to convict

Monroe County Republican Primary 2020 candidate list

Hatred of Trump leads to supporting Trump's arguments

The Fallacy of Division in political arguments

More thoughts on the "Gift of Singleness"

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Be humble and teachable

Hate comments

Bad policy should be addressed by voters, not impeachment

Why are we still arguing about the Fairness Doctrine?

Reality vs. Paranoia

Please stop spreading panic about sex trafficking

Based on Works

10 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw

Eminent domain, incompetence and corruption

No, we do not need Free Speech Reform

Elizabeth Warren and the politics of resentment

Why I will not vote for Trump in 2020

Of course the President's war powers should be restricted

The Herald-Times violates its own standards again

When "lying" is a meaningless accusation

What is a lie?

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You have to pick one

8 years ago

Just say "no" to a Patronage Tax

Game Theory

Impeachment is about criminalizing policy

Movie Review: The Rise of Skywalker

Come to the 2020 Rally for Life

Revisiting negative partisanship

Dissent is not betrayal

Masculinity is not enough

A few thoughts on the "Deep State"

You cannot include by excluding

Christian liberty and the 2020 election

Flashback Friday 1/3/2020

Happy New Year!