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Donald Trump's weak statement on abortion

God forgives OnlyFans prostitutes, so we must also

You cannot demand tolerance while refusing to extend it

Who is really pro-mask?

The attack on free speech has always been about elitism

Those East Third bicycle lane protections

Chaya Raichik comes to Bloomington

Mike Pence is a man of integrity, not a "traitor" or a "Judas."

The radical Left is Donald Trump's best friend

Who killed Jesus Christ? Here is why it matters.

Jesus drives Donald Trump out with a whip

Donald Trump, bloodbaths and fake news

Protect children by rejecting special rights

Joe Biden has "compassion" for murderers and disdain for murder victims

Twenty-seven years ago today...

Christian Nationalism and obeying the Great Commission

Donald Trump cannot be trusted to define RINO

Joe Biden wages war against the First Amendment

An especially poisonous form of whataboutism

Modesty, humility and the need to be teachable

Nature itself has "normalized" mass infection with COVID-19

Repeating talking points is not valid argumentation

No one is "banned" from running for office in Indiana

Jokes exist. Stop pretending otherwise.

How far should responsibility for crimes extend?

January 6, incitement and the Fourteenth Amendment

Ukraine, Russia and reckless NATO expansion

Trump's irresponsible bluster makes war more likely

The saturation coverage of Taylor Swift is unhinged

The Church must take MGTOW concerns seriously

Marriage, singleness and the Church

Context is important when analyzing political animosity

We will all worship something, so worship the only true God.

Binary thinking leads to an inaccurate conclusion

Josh Hawley's preening and grandstanding about social media

Do you really think 74 million people "sold out" by voting for Donald Trump?

Legally binding contracts should be legally binding

Some responses to COVID-19 require no forgiveness

There is no "free speech" right to put porn in school libraries

Now is not the time to go wobbly on protecting life

I will never repent of my heresy and blasphemy

Joe Biden, menthol cigarettes and the rule of law

Demonizing Trump voters only hardens their support of him

Come down off the cross, Claudine Gay. You are not a victim.

Come to the Rally for Life to stand for human rights

Fighting and gentleness are not mutually exclusive

We need reformation, not stagnation

Stem cell research not acceptable

Dishonest framing of the domestic surveillance debate

Fifty one years of state sanctioned mass murder

Trump supporters should oppose Trump's constant self-sabotage

Have "America First" conservatives forgotten September 11?

Exhibiting degeneracy to condemn degeneracy

The myth of "animal rights"